Wednesday, 13 October 2021

in my world ~ october

 ^Pear blossoms

^Our quince trees are also in bloom...

^New reindeer...

 ^27 weeks along...

^The beautiful ocean...


^Pretty flowers on the beach...


 the world outside

I am reveling in the beauty of these spring days...  There are new leaves and pretty pink and white buds on the fruit trees...  And thankfully the weather is still pretty cool...

in my cup

Earl Grey tea

around the house

I have been pottering about adding decorative touches here and there, and organizing something each day.  I am also keeping to a cleaning routine which works so well and gives me more time for other things.


I just finished The First Sir Percy by Baroness Orczy,one of the books in The Scarlet Pimpernel series.  This book was a bit of a challenge to get through...I was almost two thirds of the way in before I actually started enjoying it.


Every now and again we watch an episode of the Antiques Roadshow which we find really interesting...

listening to

I have been listening to hymns while going about my morning chores, and either Louis Armstrong or Josh Groban in the evening while preparing supper and waiting for Rucus to come home from work.

in the kitchen

I am a lot more organised with meals these days...  My husband is trying to steer clear of carbs, so I have had to put my thinking cap on and come up with alternative meals.

Last night I did make some delicious homemade pasta with eggs from our hens...we celebrated our six month anniversary with special dinner at home.

in the garden

How I love Springtime...the squash (I planted marrows, pumpkin, Hubbard squash, gem squash around the fruit trees) have all popped up and are already getting their true leaves.  My bush beans and peas are also growing beautifully, and my sweet peas never fail to cheer me up with their bright scented flowers.  I love cutting a few each day and placing them in little vases around the house.

out and about

Rucus took me to the beach for a picnic yesterday...  It was so delightful to breathe in the fresh sea air and watch the waves crashing upon the rocks.  We even saw dolphins...  A much needed outing after a busy few weeks.


I have finished the front panel of the baby quilt, and now I am just waiting on some fabric to finish it off.

I also sewed a beanbag set with matching fabrics, and I have also been working on a few gifts for friends who are expecting around the same time as me.

I sent off some new stock to the one shop I still supply with my handmade items, and plan to work on a couple things for my Etsy shoppe which I am currently busy updating.

thankful for

Time spent with my mother in law who is visiting this week.  I only met her briefly a few days before our wedding, so I have enjoyed getting to know her better...  And let me just add that she spoilt me with some beautiful quilting fabrics I can't wait to use!

thinking of

How quickly the last six months have gone by...  My husband and I celebrated six months of marriage on October 3rd.


That the summery dress my sister has been working on will be finished next week...I am growing out of all my clothes, so a new dress (which will work for maternity and after birth) will be very welcome.  I am so glad I have a sister who sews so beautifully...she made the dress in last month's post, and plans to start another for me this month.

one of my favourite things

Taking our Border Collie puppy, Fletch, for a walk in the orchards each day.  It is so peaceful walking between the rows of trees...a wonderful time to pray.

for the love of words

"Happiness is in the quiet, ordinary things.  A table,a chair, a book...  And the petal falling from the rose, and the light flickering as we sit silent."  ~ Virginia Woolf


 Happy October sweet readers...what is happening in your corner of the world this month?


  1. October is looking just beautiful there!
    I love hymns and Louis Armstrong too.

  2. What lovely peaceful photos!

    I took a staycation and worked on craft projects and organization. Fall is such a crafty feeling season when it gets cool (should be next week fingers crossed) here where I am.

  3. Lovely!
    I hope you enjoyed your trip to the beach♥
    Blessings, Gabrielle

  4. Spring is my favorite time of year...we're coming so close to winter now where I'm at that it always gives me a twinge of sadness to see the leaves falling and the days getting shorter. I suppose if we didn't have winter, we wouldn't appreciate spring so much, though! :) I hope you have a wonderful spring. Thank you for sharing, and for taking time to leave me a comment on my blog! Was so nice to hear from you.


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