Wednesday, 29 January 2020

January's Daybook

A recent outing to our local farmer's market was the perfect opportunity for capturing a few sweet moments through my lens...



Outside my window...
Today's deliciously cool weather is certainly very welcome after the few stiflingly hot days we have had this week.
I may even attempt a walk to the park when little Mia wakes from her nap...
But first tea. 

In my cup...
Fruit tea sweetened with honey.
This summer I just haven't been able to drink hot coffee, which means I only drink my morning cup, and then that is it for the day.
As I have been trying to cut down on my caffeine intake, I am so happy about this!

Around the house...
We are so thankful to have Dad home for a few weeks, and the family have been enjoying regular morning beach trips and afternoons spent relaxing beside the pool.

As usual, I have several books on the go at once...
I did a lot of reading over December while babysitting, and if you follow me on Goodreads, you'll know that I checked several titles off my list!
Currently I am busy with Lorna Doone and A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

I was thrilled to add a few books to my growing collection which I stumbled upon at a second hand store a few weeks ago.  More on that soon!

Not all that much...although sometimes I watch an episode of something (at the moment I am watching the earlier seasons of Call the Midwife again), or part of a Hallmark movie while folding laundry in the evening.

Listening to...
I was over the moon to find two old Celtic Woman albums while browsing a second hand store a few weeks back.
I did a lot of driving in December, so it was fabulous to have new music to listen to.
I also found Josh Groban's Awake concert which I was pretty chuffed about.

Thankful for...
The month my dear friend spent in South Africa and having my dad home.

From the kitchen...
Preserving season is now behind us, and I am delighted with the full jars we have in our pantry.
Together Gabrielle and I made plum jam, apricot jam, strawberry jam, pickled onions, beetroot relish and more.

With the weather being so warm, we are doing a lot of our cooking outside and enjoying a good old South African braai most evenings.

A couple weeks ago I spent a few days making up a custom order for a client.  
I made seven ellies, each one slightly bigger than the one before.
It was a challenge as I was working with fabric I don't ordinarily use, and two ellies split, which meant I had to start all over again.
I am so pleased with how they turned out and felt they were definitely worth the effort.
Other than that, I haven't been creating much lately...

Out and about...
 After a crazy few weeks, I am relishing these quieter days and being able to simply enjoy resting at home...  Besides work, I don't go anywhere if I can help it.

One of my favourite things...
I am enjoying so much about life that I don't think I could pick any one thing...
However, I do so love having a swimming pool - it makes summer so much more bearable!

Dreaming of...
Buying my new camera and learning how to use it...
Reading the new book which should also be arriving in the mail soon.

I am hoping...
To start feeling more rested.
To resume my daily walks, although now that it is hot, I need to walk before I have to get done for work...around 6am.

Quiet moments...
I have been enjoying plenty of blogging time almost every morning while Mia takes her nap.
I haven't been able to invest much time in writing the past couple weeks, so it feels really good to be getting into the swing of things again!

Well, dear friends...  It was ever so lovely to stop in today.

I would love to hear what has been  happening in your corner of the world this month, so do pop me a little note in the comments section - it is always a treat hearing from you!

Oh, and do stop by Ponderings from the Inglenook where I am guest posting today.
Elizabeth is a dear friend of mine, and it is a true honour to be contributing something to her lovely blog!




  1. Such a lovely post from your part of the world!
    Lovely photos too!
    Here in Pennsylvania we are in the depths of winter.
    Although we haven't seen a large amount of snow. we have had cold days and dark nights.
    Honestly, I don't mind, as I enjoy being inside with my books and coffee!
    So happy you are blogging again!

    1. I love having you stop by, Billie Jo! Thank you for your sweet visits!
      Oh my, how good Winter sounds at this very moment... We are surviving 38 degree C heat today!

  2. I can't believe how fast your siblings are growing!

    After this month's birthday festivities, I'm looking forward to some quiet and lazy weekends!

    1. Much too fast! It is so strange to not have a baby in the house anymore!

  3. The photos of the children are so special, Kelly-Anne, and it was good to hear all the happenings that are going on in your life right now. The plum, apricot, and strawberry jam sounds wonderful. I think it's so special when people still make canned goods. I hope you get that new camera you are dreaming about, and think of all the fantastic pictures you can take of your precious family. It's so good to catch up with you, Kelly-Anne, and Happy February days. : )


    1. Dear Sheri,
      So lovely to have you stop by! Thank you for always leaving me such kind notes. I do hope you are well?
      I must tell you, I was able to purchase my new camera, and oh my! It is absolutely wonderful having such a powerful tool to work with!
      Have a blessed week further...much love!

  4. Looking at your photos is pure joy!

    1. Always lovely having you stop by, Franca! Thank you for your kind words! ♥

  5. Your life seems so wonderful and a true blessing from God! The photographs that you take are beautiful. What a blessing to have your Dad home from China...perhaps he won't be going back since the C.Virus is so epidemic? May you all have a wonderful Valentines Day together!! Linn

    1. Dear Linn...
      Thank you ever so much for stopping by! ♥ Always lovely to "meet" a new reader!
      Just this week I was thinking how blessed I am to have such a fulfilled life and be surrounded by my family! Yes, the virus in China has affected my dad's work - he is currently working online from home and at this stage, no date has been set for his return.
      Thank you for stopping by!

  6. I just can't even believe how much all of your siblings are growing and changing! It was wonderful to read through your daybook, and see how you are enjoying the little things in life again, and so thankful your family is back with you in South Africa, close to the beach too, how marvelous! So much to be thankful for! Many blessings to you sweet friend!

    1. Oh, it is always a sweet blessing having you visit, dear Marilyn! I do hope all is well in your corner of the world...?
      You are right, the little ones are getting so big...can you believe Mr Caleb will be four at the end of April?? So enjoying having my family home again. Just today when I got home from work, I heard little Caleb shriek with delight, "Kelly's home!" How special!

      Sending love your way - you are often in my thoughts!


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