Monday, 2 December 2019

The perfect gift…

 The sweet little girl in my care has just turned six months old and was christened this past Sunday…

I have grown so fond of baby Mia and the two of us have a special bond…  I love the big smile she gives me in the morning when I arrive, and how she laughs when we play peek-a-boo.
Or how excited she is when I hold her wee hands and let her stand for a bit on her wobbly legs.

Thus, it was a true honour to be invited to attend her christening service.
I had actually never been to a baby’s Christening before – as babies we were dedicated, and as we grew older we made our own decision to be baptised.

After talking with my mom, I realised it would be proper to take a gift.  I knew I didn’t want to buy anything, but had no idea what I could make that would be special enough…
Thankfully my mom again came to the rescue and suggested I make Mia her own Miss Lettice Rabbit for the occasion.

I set to work straight away…
It was lovely making something with a specific person in mind, especially this little girl whom I have become so attached to...

 I embroidered Mia’s name on the rabbit’s ear…

I am so pleased with how this Miss Lettice Rabbit turned out and loved being able to give a handmade gift.

When I first started looking after Mia as a three month old, I had no idea what a blessing this au pair job would be...
True, it has been extremely challenging and tiring at times, but it has also been a great joy playing a role in Mia’s life, and I am making the most of the time I have left with her!

Happy first week of December, dear friends!
Summer has most certainly arrived in our corner of the world and we are enjoying the warmer days and the delights they bring!
I spent this weekend in my happy place preserving the lovely fresh blueberries and apricots that arrived!  

What have you been up to lately, sweet readers?




  1. Oh my - Miss Lettice is so adorable! I know baby Mia will love her, and will know she was made with love!

  2. Oh! Baby Christenings are the sweetest...and your handmade gift is adorable. I know it was made with such love and care and I'm sure little Mia will cherish her for years to come.

    I hope you're having a lovely start to the week, dear friend! We've been working since last Wednesday evening decorating our home for Christmas and are nearly done, just a few more things to do. Oh, how splendid it is to see twinkling lights again!! Many of our decorations are winter- themed instead of just Christmas, so they stay up all season, and I'm so glad for that! They add such a cozy feel to our home {{smiles}}

    Chat soon! Much love always ♥

  3. Definitely love your handmade gift, you are amazing!

  4. So cute!! I really like it, indeed a perfect gift!

  5. Hi Kelly Anne;
    It always nice to read your posts. The gift of the rabbit for Mia is lovely. We have been decorating and have put the tree up. We always buy a live one. The packages have been bought but not wrapped.
    Wishing you and yours A MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY,BLESSED NEW YEAR.
    Marilyn and Marion


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