Thursday, 12 September 2019

Live now in this precious moment...

 Hello lovely friends...happy Thursday!
I hope that your week has been a wonderful one thus far...
Mine has been busy, but filled with good things.
Today there is a beautiful light rain falling and I am rejoicing along with my new garden in the deliciousness of the soft rainfall.  
I am sure I will go outside tomorrow morning and find all my seedlings have doubled in size!  {{smiles}}

I thought I would share something a little different today instead of my usual Thursday Pearls post.
I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and seeing the pictures I have chosen to include of my adorable younger siblings!


I watched the two of them gazing out at the wide expanse of ocean beyond, hungrily scanning the horizon with their eager eyes in the hope of spotting something out of the ordinary to report back to me.
I smiled at the heart-warming picture of the little brother and his big sister standing close beside one another, pointing out various objects of interest here and there; a strong sense of adventure and daring rising in their little chests as they discussed the things they saw, or imagined they saw, out in the big blue sea. 

 I reminded myself just in time to capture that precious little moment in my heart.

 I stood in the icy cold sea water, feeling the warmth of the winter sun upon my back, and breathing in deep lungfuls of the fresh sea breeze. 
I watched as the waves thumped upon the shore, my younger siblings squealing with delight as they raced back to the safety of the dry sand each time.
Once again I was reminded to drink in the beauty of the moment…
 Live now in this precious moment. These words have been replaying in my mind over the past few days…

Live in the here.
Live in the now.

Our lives are made up of a myriad of little moments; little things of no consequence – or so we think.
Yet these seemingly unimportant moments are what make up the greater part of our lives…

 These little moments pass us by wholly unnoticed while we busily seek after the big moments in life.

I believe that we would be happier, more contented people if we would live intentionally, embracing each moment of every day as a gift, living more fully in the here and now, collecting memories not things.

Right now is before you.  Tomorrow is not a given.
Capture moments like photographs in your heart, and make the most of the little opportunities given you.  Smile often.  Laugh whenever possible.  Love with your whole heart and appreciate what you have now.  Time is fleeting and these everyday moments are swiftly passing.

Live now in this precious moment, dear friend.

Blessings in Christ,



  1. Beautifully written and oh so true!
    I was thinking very much the same today as I drove home from dropping Peyton off at work.
    The leaves are beginning to change, and I was thinking how very beautiful yet fleeting autumn is.
    I vowed to be more mindful of life!

  2. I can't believe how much your siblings have grown!


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