Thursday, 17 January 2019

The Real Thing...

Where does your happiness lie?
Is it found in the things of this world, or in Christ alone?

Happiness is a swiftly passing feeling, whereas joy is a state of the heart.
Joy comes from somewhere deep within – it springs forth from the wells of our hearts when we are walking in accordance with the will of the Father and delighting fully in Him.
Joy is something far deeper, much greater and more meaningful than the idea of happiness the world has led us to believe we should be feeling on a daily basis.

I always find it intriguing to see people desperately searching for something that will bring them lasting happiness and ultimately, a sense of fulfillment…
A new job…  A new car…   An overseas holiday…  ...A new relationship…

And while these things may be good in a sense they are but a substitute for the real thing our hearts crave.
They are merely a distraction and something completely meaningless to fill the void in our lives.

Dear friends, our joy can only come from One true source. 
He is the One who fills us over and over and over again.
He is what we all truly desire.

The joy that He gives is lasting and soul satisfyingly rich…  It can carry us through the driest of deserts and bring us peace in the midst of a trial.
And even on the days when the cares of this world threaten to bring us down like a house cards, we can rest in knowing we don’t have to submit to our feelings and rather seek after the One who gives to all those who ask.

Where does your peace and joy lie?
Come, dear friend.  Lay aside your heavy burden and find your rest in Jesus.  Lay hold of His promises and find your comfort, peace and true joy in Him.

"Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest."

~ Matthew  11:22


  1. Well said, Kelly-Anne! Thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. It was so nice to read one of your posts again! :) What a great reminder. Thank you for sharing your heart <3

  3. It is so true that our joy comes from Jesus alone. Everything else is just surface joy. His joy is deep and everlasting, springing up even in the moments of darkness and despair, because in Him we find our hope. So nice to visit with you today, Kelly-Anne!


  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words from your heart. God bless you!

  5. This was so beautiful, my friend, thank you for sharing these important words! {{smiles}}


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