Monday, 11 November 2019

On books and bookmarks…

One of my goals for this year was to read more books, and I am delighted to say that I have definitely achieved this goal!

Reading is something I love to do, but over the past few years I seldom found the time to indulge in a good book…

In May I had an ice skating accident and fractured my fibula.
At this point I was staying with my family in China and had a month left before needing to travel home to South Africa.  I knew would have to be on bed rest for the first four weeks after the injury so as to be as strong as possible for the flight home...

During this time, I read a great deal to pass the long hours of lying in bed…
Soon reading just became a habit - it was something I did when I had a few moments available to me instead of being on my phone or computer.
Over the past few months I have read several books due to having time on my hands while at work.
I am a nanny to a baby girl, so while she takes a nap or plays contentedly, I read a couple pages of my book.
And each month I treat myself to a new book for my growing book collection!

Of course, a reader needs a bookmark, or several if, like me, you read more than one title at a time. 
I have many different bookmarks received from sweet friends across the world…
 Each one is special and beautiful and has a place in the various books I have piled on my bedside table.

I think bookmarks make such wonderful gifts for book loving friends.
I love to slip one in for a friend in a gift package or a card…

This year I added bookmarks to my product list for the gift market taking place in December.
I ran out of time last year and was disappointed not to have them on our stall.
I thought I would share pictures of a few of the lovelies awaiting this year’s gift market!
And if you happen to be in our area in December, do stop by the Boerevintage Gift Market – we would love to see you! 



Do you have a favourite?
Do you also enjoy reading?

I am also hoping to reopen my little Etsy shoppe before the end of the year. 
I miss adding new items, interacting with sweet customers and visiting the post office to mail packages to across the ocean.
Hoping I find the time to do this…stay posted, sweet friends!



Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Stopping in to say hello.

 Well hello lovely friends…

I do hope this finds each of you well?

It is blissfully quiet as I write, and I am reveling in the peace.
Cup of citrusy rooibos tea in hand, I am determined to write a little something to share with you all today.
It certainly has been a long while since last I wrote…

To say that life has been a whirlwind of activity would be an understatement, although I have come to realise that every day in our household is filled to the brim with all sorts of happenings, and that the only peace one finds is at night, and even then there are no guarantees.

As I am still working during the day as a nanny to a now five-month old baby girl, my time is even more limited. 
I am also still building up a stock for the upcoming gift market in December, which means I have to squeeze in sewing time in the evenings or early mornings. 
With daily life being added to the mix, it really feels like a juggling game some days!

But in amongst the busy and sometimes mundane flow of our lives, there are out of the ordinary things that pop up and add some sweet excitement, such as the wedding Nancy and I recently attended…

We hadn’t been to a wedding in years, so it was a delight to be invited to a friend’s wedding on the beautiful rose farm across the mountain…
As Nancy played violin for the wedding, we had to be at the venue early in the morning for set up and practice. 



Saturday morning dawned overcast and rainy, so we could take a few dramatic looking pictures in the gorgeous purple lavender fields…
How I wish I had taken my camera with me and didn’t have to simply make do with a cell phone camera!
Thankfully the rain cleared and the sun came out by the time the ceremony began and the rest of the day was glorious!

^A quick sister selfie among the lavender

It was a special day of celebrating, but we were absolutely exhausted by the time we got home.

I just have to share these pictures of our adorable little guy.
He loves it when we take him to the green belt near our house for a run with our new adopted dog, Timmy.
Usually we go in the afternoon or early evening for us older girls to stroll and unwind and the little ones to get rid of some excess energy!
 ^Is that a mischievous face or what?!

Summertime is coming and I am looking forward to afternoons spent swimming with my siblings, tending my little garden where time allows, basking in the richness of God’s glory and making the absolute most of every day He has made.

I’ll be stopping in again in the next day or so with pictures from the delightful Saturday we spent visiting beautiful open gardens and delighting in the beauty all around us!

Blessings and love,


Saturday, 21 September 2019

September's Daybook

 A few snapshots of our September so far…


Outside my Window

All is quiet outside my window this pleasant Spring morning.
I am actually at the house of the couple whose baby I am watching during the week.
Little one is fast asleep after a morning of playtime, so I am soaking up the peace and enjoying a rest.

In my cup…

Rooibos tea for a change. 

Around the house…

It has now been four weeks since Dad flew back to China.
Life in our household is as busy as ever with little children doing home schooling and keeping up with the various projects we have on the go.
We are still trying to put systems in place and organise our lives, but I think this will be on-going in our big family!


As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I read more than one book at a time…
Currently I am busy with Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell. 
I am listening to an audiobook which allows me to “read” and get various tasks accomplished at the same time.
When I do feel like sitting down to read a book (usually while Baby is sleeping), Shirley by Charlotte Bronte is the novel I am currently enjoying. 
If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I loved Jane Eyre and recently finished it.
I am also still busy with The Yearling…to be honest, I haven’t picked it up in a few weeks.

Listening to…

Celtic Woman recently released their new album, Ancient Land! 
I have their tunes playing on repeat while cooking and cleaning up after supper.
My current favourite is Moorlough Shore which you’ll just have to go listen to over here.

Thankful for…

My heart is filled with thankfulness for the way the Lord provided part time work for me. 
I absolutely love looking after this sweet baby girl during the day, and find myself refreshed and better able to cope with the noise and activity of our busy household when I come home.
I am also thankful for our new home and being able to plant a garden this spring.

From the kitchen…

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen now.
As time is quite limited, I am not always able to be all that creative or experiment with new recipes.
However, I always try to make each meal taste amazing and like to spend a few extra moments prettying up a serving.
Over the weekend we made use of our new braai area.   
For those of you who don’t know, a braai is very much a South African thing. 
I love being able to make a good fire and cook our meal over the hot coals!


Well, despite my good intentions, I have done very little sewing or creating lately.
Each day is so full that finding time to be creative is not so simple.
There are other things to be enjoyed right now, so I am focusing on being fully appreciative of those things.
I did, however, set up my table and sewing things in a corner of the house, so now I can be creative whenever I get the chance without having to first gather my things or pack everything away afterwards

Out and about…

I haven’t been doing any exploring lately, instead I have been able to take the little ones to the library and to the local botanical gardens for a picnic.
I love being able to go out with them!
We also usually go to the Saturday morning farmer’s market for fresh veg and maybe a couple bags of compost for the garden.


Most evenings I prefer to read or listen to my audiobook, but sometimes it is fun to sit down with a homemade rooibos cappuccino (which of my readers have had one of these?) and watch something light before heading off to bed.
I have been catching up on a few episodes of Bringing up Bates as well as some figure skating from this year’s world championship.

One of my favourite things…

Getting up early and enjoying a cup of coffee outside on the porch. 
At this time of the day, all is still (we live in a busy, noisy neighbourhood now), except for the cheerful tune of the birds as they awaken.

Dreaming of…

Sowing more seeds and planting out seedlings…and hoping the birds (and our cat) won’t destroy that which I have already planted. 
I am eagerly anticipating being able to harvest more regularly from our humble little garden. 
Already we are enjoying home-grown radish after only a month of being in our new home. 

I am hoping…

To somehow find time to start some sewing for the upcoming gift market Heartmade will be exhibiting at. 
I have added gorgeous little girl aprons and skirts, as well as gift tags and one or two other things to our product list, so now I need to sit down and make the stock!

Quiet moments…

It is a sweet joy digging in the garden; feeling the warmth of the spring sunshine on my skin, and allowing my mind to wander while pulling up weeds and planting out seedlings.
Gardening is one of my greatest joys, and now I have the added blessing of being able to share this passion with my younger sister, Gabrielle, who has lately discovered that she too has a natural affinity for tending the earth.

Well, lovely readers, I do hope all is well in your corner of the world.
What have you been up to this September?



Thursday, 12 September 2019

Live now in this precious moment...

 Hello lovely friends...happy Thursday!
I hope that your week has been a wonderful one thus far...
Mine has been busy, but filled with good things.
Today there is a beautiful light rain falling and I am rejoicing along with my new garden in the deliciousness of the soft rainfall.  
I am sure I will go outside tomorrow morning and find all my seedlings have doubled in size!  {{smiles}}

I thought I would share something a little different today instead of my usual Thursday Pearls post.
I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and seeing the pictures I have chosen to include of my adorable younger siblings!


I watched the two of them gazing out at the wide expanse of ocean beyond, hungrily scanning the horizon with their eager eyes in the hope of spotting something out of the ordinary to report back to me.
I smiled at the heart-warming picture of the little brother and his big sister standing close beside one another, pointing out various objects of interest here and there; a strong sense of adventure and daring rising in their little chests as they discussed the things they saw, or imagined they saw, out in the big blue sea. 

 I reminded myself just in time to capture that precious little moment in my heart.

 I stood in the icy cold sea water, feeling the warmth of the winter sun upon my back, and breathing in deep lungfuls of the fresh sea breeze. 
I watched as the waves thumped upon the shore, my younger siblings squealing with delight as they raced back to the safety of the dry sand each time.
Once again I was reminded to drink in the beauty of the moment…
 Live now in this precious moment. These words have been replaying in my mind over the past few days…

Live in the here.
Live in the now.

Our lives are made up of a myriad of little moments; little things of no consequence – or so we think.
Yet these seemingly unimportant moments are what make up the greater part of our lives…

 These little moments pass us by wholly unnoticed while we busily seek after the big moments in life.

I believe that we would be happier, more contented people if we would live intentionally, embracing each moment of every day as a gift, living more fully in the here and now, collecting memories not things.

Right now is before you.  Tomorrow is not a given.
Capture moments like photographs in your heart, and make the most of the little opportunities given you.  Smile often.  Laugh whenever possible.  Love with your whole heart and appreciate what you have now.  Time is fleeting and these everyday moments are swiftly passing.

Live now in this precious moment, dear friend.

Blessings in Christ,