Monday, 29 October 2018

The coming of summer..

I am sitting outside on the grass, enjoying the peacefulness of a late October afternoon.   
There is a slight breeze blowing which brings welcome relief from the terrible heat of the past few days...

This morning I awoke to raining ash.  The mountains are ablaze and several other fires have sprung up in our area…  How strange to think that just a couple weeks ago the majestic Outeniqua mountains were topped in glimmering white snow - what a beautiful sight that was.

Yes, summer has arrived in all her splendour and hot, sticky days are upon us once again.
My little garden welcomes the warmer weather.  We have been harvesting radish and lettuce as well as one or two ripe strawberries every day.  Rocket, parsley and spinach will soon be ready for harvesting too.
I was more than a little put out when I discovered that a pesky Hadada (a large, noisy bird we get here in South Africa) had sat on my lettuce and proceeded to stick his long disruptive beak into all my beds in pursuit of earthworms (I have an abundance of earthworms in my soil), squashing the flourishing lettuce in the process.  Oh, I could just cry…

In other news I thought I would share pictures of my some of my recent creations.   
How I am enjoying my sewing, sweet friends...  The Christmas market we’ve been working towards is only seven short weeks away and my sewing machine is whirring incessantly as I hurriedly work to make all that I need to see my through the week long market.

My reindeer are just about finished now.  I have thirty in need of buttons and then they are ready to go…  I have almost finished making my goal of fifty mini ellies and I am doing well with the snuggle bunnies and ellie softies too.  I do still have bunny rattles to do as well as clothing for my Miss Lettice and Farmer Boy rabbits.

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When I am not sewing which is seldom, I am pottering about in my garden (usually early in the morning before it gets too hot) or tidying up our little flat.  It is slowly but surely beginning to feel like home.  I also still work at the shop on Fridays and Saturdays and au pair one afternoon a week… 
We are settling into a steady rhythm of life and adjusting to a much quieter life…

Now the evening is drawing to a close. Crickets are chirruping and the sky is growing darker.
Nancy is playing a pretty tune on the piano and I have moved from my spot on in pursuit of a comfier seat.
Coffee in hand I sit back, close my eyes and smile. Truly, this is the perfect end to a summer’s day...

Blessings in Christ,



  1. Hope you're safe from the fires. Your sewing is just beautiful and I love the reindeer! How peaceful you portrayed the end of your post, I can see you in my minds eye drinking your coffee. Have a blessed week sweet Kelly-Anne!

  2. Your reindeer, ellies (love the name!) and bunnies are too cute. I'm sure they'll be a hit at the Christmas market.

  3. Hi Kelly-Anne, Your bunnies are adorable. They should be a big hit at the market. Hope you stay safe from the fires. It is always a pleasure to receive one of your e-mails.God Bless.
    Marion and Marilyn

  4. My word, you've been busy! That's a lot of sewing! Your softies are darling, all of them! Will make many children's hearts happy to hold :) Wonderful to hear that you and Nancy are settling into your little flat and enjoying life. So sad that bird destroyed your lettuce crop! Maybe put some netting over it? I've had to do that with any berries I grow, as the birds love them as much as I do. And birds hate netting. Hopefully the fires will get put out soon. Much love and hugs to you sweet friend :)


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