Saturday, 16 December 2017

An Update at Christmas...

Hello dear friends...
I am enjoying some peace and quiet this overcast December afternoon and thought it would be the perfect time to write a little update, seeing as it has been almost two months since I last wrote...

Let's much has happened since my last update - sadly, it would seem regular writing is not something I can keep up with quite yet...

Something I have yet to share with you is that my dad is currently working in China. 
He flew out on August 23rd and will be coming home for a month's holiday at the end of January.  He was offered a position as a teacher at an international school shortly before the fire in June...

We knew he would have to go, especially after we had to move to a house in town and begin all over again...  Even though it has been quite challenging not having our dad around and having to adjust not only to life on our own, but into a new home, town, etc., the Lord has been so faithful and we give Him praise for His goodness and grace!

At first living in town was difficult for me...having lived on a farm for so many years, I got used to the delights of a quiet life in the country.  I missed my garden...the scenery...daily walks on the farm roads with the dogs...  And then the Lord led me to begin attending a monthly Bible study for young adults and through that, I was blessed to make a few new friends...
Recently I also started going to a small Baptist church and weekly Bible study and met other wonderful people... 
Suddenly life in town is not quite as bad as I thought it was.  It is such a blessing to fellowship with other believers each week and enjoy time spent with new friends! 

I have also been able to continue with my sewing.  Even though I no longer trade at a craft market each Saturday, I still supply shops and have been kept pretty busy with orders.  The Lord provides just enough work for me - I have just enough work to keep me busy, but not so much that I am stressed and can't spend time with my family...

Certainly, life has settled down a lot over the past while.  Those initial few months following the fire will forever be something of a blur for me.  All I can say is that it is only by the grace of God we made it through smiling...  His grace is indeed sufficient for us and His strength is made perfect in our weakness. 

Every day is a gift from the Lord.  Despite the fact that we are eagerly counting the days till Dad comes home for a visit, we are not wishing the time away.  We keep very busy with the things the Lord has given us to do and endeavour to cherish every moment together. 

Well, dear friends...before I sign off, I would like to share a few photographs from a recent walk in the forest.  We are enjoying exploring new places each week and making new memories!

Please excuse the poor quality of the photographs...they are simply snapshots taken on my very handy phone!  {{smiles}}

 ^  A piece of Paradise...

^  Five of my favourite little people...

 ^ Such beautiful scenery...

 ^ Happy explorers...

 ^  Gabrielle, Rebekah and Sofia...

 ^My buddy and I...

...And now I must be off, dear friends...we will be attending a Christmas concert this evening given by the orchestra Nancy plays in...{{smiles}}

I hope to stop in again very soon...

With love and blessings in Christ!


  1. So nice to read an update from you again!
    Change can be hard and even scary (especially when it comes the way yours did!) - but I have been encouraged and inspired by the gracious way you have handled it all!
    Though you miss aspects of the old, you're moving on and finding new things to enjoy!
    Sending Christmas blessings to you and your family - may the coming year bring good things to you and your family!

  2. Sweet friend, what a blessing to see your precious photos. Oh, your family is just the sweetest! And my, what loveliness surrounds you! I am so thankful to see the lush greenery and your happy smiles.

    You are never far from my thoughts, dear one. I hope this Christmas season is extra special. Much love to you!

  3. It's good to hear this update from you! I'm glad you are seeing some benefits of living where you are. I love reading how you see God at work in your life.
    Your sisters and brother are so cute, and you have some gorgeous scenery around you!

  4. You have blessed my day, Kelly-Anne, just to find an update from you. I have often wondered how you are doing. I am glad you have found a church to attend and are making friends. I enjoyed the walk with you and your siblings. I see they like to pose for photo's. Caleb has surely grown. Have a very blessed Christmas!

  5. Hello Kelly-Ann! I was just thinking of you yesterday and realized that it had been a while since I had seen a post from you! Seeing this post in my mailbox this morning brought a smile to my face. It does sound like you have been a busy girl and I am glad that you all seem to be adapting well to your new surroundings. What a joy that you have found some beautiful new places to explore as is evident by these sweet photos of you and your precious siblings. I know it must be hard for the family not to have your father around but God is good and He knows just what your family glad he will be home with you for a month! I want to wish you the merriest of Christmases...this has certainly been a tough year but Jesus is the healer of tough times. Big hugs and much love to you today, sweet friend!♥♥♥

  6. I think of you so often, sweet friend. I always hope things are well with you and am praying for you and your dear family. I know you must miss your dear Daddy so much, and it will be so nice when he can come home and visit with you. It sounds like you are adjusting nicely to your new "normal". Change is SO hard. This year has certainly been a difficult one for so many of us, filled with much grief, loss, heartache, and pain, but, through it all, Jesus is ever faithful. May 2018 be a much happier year for you and your family. I loved seeing the favorite is the one of you and your little Buddy. What a beautiful scene! God bless you at this Christmas season, sweet Kelly-Anne!

  7. Oh, what a joy to hear from you, dearest friend! {{smiles}} I praise the Lord that you and your family are doing well, it is so good to hear! I am so glad that you are settling into life in town, God definitely has special blessings hidden for us in different situations! I absolutely loved the photos, I didn't the the quality was bad at all. Your younger siblings look so happy, and little Caleb is no longer little! {{smiles}} I still remember him as a baby, haha! He is oh-so-cute! {{smiles}}

    Thank you for posting, dear friend! I hope to catch up with yo soon but until then know that I always pray and love you and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and that God blesses you and your family abundantly each day an throughout the New Year! {{smiles}}

  8. Hello, sweet friend!

    What a lovely surprise to find this post in my feed! Oh, how I loved getting to read a little update from you, and the pictures you included are so sweet {{smiles}} Some lovely, special people surrounded by such beautiful creation ♥

    I hope the coming Christmas season brings much joy, peace and celebration to your home and family. May the God of peace and all things good make Himself known to you all this coming season and in the new year!

    Happy (almost!) Christmas, and a very happy and blessed 2018 to you, dear Kelly-Anne! Hope to chat with you soon {{smiles}}

    Peace and joy!

  9. So wonderful to read this update dear Kelly-Anne! I have thought of you often and wondered how you are doing! I know it must have been so hard to have your father leave to work in China! Such an adjustment for everyone to make, but thankful that you are in town close to amenities and that you are involved in a church and bible study group, how wonderful that is! I know you are such a huge help to your mother and family. Glad you are still sewing and making a little income for yourself in that way. You have such a beautiful outlook on life, and what a dear sweet soul you are! I just loved the pictures of your family out enjoying the beautiful country! The Little Man is growing so much! Goodness! Much love and hugs to you dear friend, I'm thankful to read the good report and update tonight :)

  10. So wonderful to read how well you are all doing. Wishing you and your sweet family a Happy and Merry Christmas!!

  11. Merry Christmas sweet girl to you and your precious family. May the New Year hold everything you can imagine to be great and wonderful. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. So lovely to hear from you! I'm glad you're finding ways to adjust to living away from the countryside :-) I hope your dad has a safe trip!

  13. It's sooo good to hear from you! <3 I'm glad that you and your family are doing well. I guess it must be quite an adjustment to live in entirely new scenery, but it's good that you are finding joys in this new chapter of life, especially the fellowship of other believers. :) I hope your animals are adjusting as well. How interesting that your dad is teaching in China! How long of a flight is it?

  14. Thank you for the update, Kelly-Anne. I'm glad to hear that your family is doing well and that you're settling in nicely into your new home. The way that time flies, your father will be home before you know it! I always enjoy seeing photos of your cute siblings. Your camera phone captures better images than my compact camera. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  15. Merry Christmas! - What a wonderful family you are a part of. Everyone is just so adorable looking. I hope you all have a truly blessed Christmas. Sending you wishes for a Happy New Year as well.

    It was good to see what you have been up to. God Bless.


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