Wednesday, 21 June 2017

An Update...Prayer Request...And Photographs

Dear friends...
I had hoped to write an update a few days ago but alas!  Life has been absolutely exhausting these past two weeks that I have simply not had a chance to stop in for an update...
Thank you for your continued prayers and concern for our family...  We are so grateful for the love that is pouring in from all over the world and praise the Lord for brothers and sisters in the Lord who are rallying around our family through this very difficult time...
I have written a brief about below, but I would also like to show you some photographs of our house which burnt down on Wednesday the 7th of June...photographs make everything seem more real...  It is so very sad to see the destruction and I take no pleasure in sharing them...but I wanted to show you a glimpse of the home we loved so well! 
And now we trust the Lord to show us the next step in our journey and anticipate being able to share the many incredibly stories of the Lord's goodness and mercy!  What a wonderful King we serve... 
These were taken by my uncle last week.  I have not been back to the farm since that Wednesday morning we evacuated, as I think it would truly break my heart to see the ruin in person...  Sometime I hope to go back, but for the time being I am focusing on the present and surrendering every tear to the Lord who loves to comfort His children...
This is all that remains of our beautiful piano...this piano had such a special belonged to a lady who came over to South Africa from England as a baby.  Her father whom she never met, died in the First World War and her mother, a concert pianist, decided to start a new life here.  The piano was a German make and over a 100 years old!  We were blessed to meet this dear lady a month or so before she passed away (also a concert pianist)...  Whenever Nancy played, we thought of the stories it could tell and the beauty that those keys created! 

My father reckons that the build up of heat in the house probably caused it to explode.  Thus, nothing much remains and one cannot even recognize anything!  The doorway on the left hand side was where our dining/living room was.
 This was the back of the house, looking out onto the fields.  I wrote ever so many blog posts from the window with the bush in front of it... 
 Part of the vegetable garden...this was where we grew our sweet potatoes...

Looking into what was once the school room.  I can't believe how unrecognizable everything is!
And now I have a very specific prayer request, dear friends...
We are urgently needing a new long-term rental that is suitable for our large family and that accepts pets.  We need a decent sized garden as our little ones are used to living on a farm and having plenty of open space...  May I ask you to bring this request before the Father?  Houses to rent in this area are scarce, especially now when so many people misplaced by the fire are seeking new homes.
We are currently in a holiday home which belongs to a lady in our church.  She has graciously given it to us to use till the 10th of July...  After that, we are trusting the Lord for provision and learning to wait on Him even though it is quite frightening. 
It is so strange to think we have no home to go to and that we have to literally begin again...but the Lord is faithful, and He has moved on the hearts of many and we are being showered with the blessings of furniture...second-hand clothing...bedding, etc.  He is so good to us...
Can I also ask you to pray for my dear mother who is taking a lot of strain and is so very tired...
She also strained her neck and is having to see a physiotherapist and take time to rest which is not so easy at the moment...  
Thank you for your love and support, dear friends! 
I am overwhelmed by the many beautiful comments and emails I have received! 
You are all so dear to me...
I will stop in again soon...
With love in Christ!


  1. Kelly-Anne,
    Truly devastating pictures! I can't even begin to imagine what you all are going through. My prayers are with you and your specific request -- Hugs,

  2. Oh, Kelly-Anne, I'm sure it was very hard to even look at these photos. :( Thank you for updating us, it really is appreciated. I will bring your request before the Lord - what is impossible with us is possible with Him! I know that He holds you in the palm of His hand. <3 May you have a restful day!

  3. Hi Kelly-Anne! I most assuredly will be praying for your family. I know God has something so special for you. I pray that your hearts and minds be filled with the peace of God. This is a journey you were not expecting to make. It did not take God by surprise, so I know He is looking after you. I truly am so heartbroken for your family and the others. There has been much sorrow around the world with fires lately. Please keep us updated as you can. Hugs!! Diane

  4. Oh Kelly Anne - it's so hard to see these pics. I'm so thankful for family was spared, but although things are not nearly as important there are so many memories attached to them. I'll be praying for your dear mom and for God to show you where he would have you live.

  5. Oh, sweet friend, I am at an utter loss for words after seeing this post. My heart is broken for you and your precious family. Again, I give thanks that you all are okay and safe and have a place to live. THAT is reason enough to smile!

    I hope you all find a great house and a place that you all can welcome into your hearts and make into a haven for your family. God knows your need, my friend, and He is taking care of everything. I know it will take a good bit of time to be able to even think of considering another place as home, but I hope that you all find a cozy, warm, and suitable house for your family that provides for all your needs and desires. My friend, He will provide!

    I am ever so happy to see this update from and your dear family have been in my thoughts each day and I will continue to pray for you all ♥

    I do hope your sweet mom feels better soon!! I know you are definitely helping her out tons and I know she appreciates it so very much!

    Thinking of you all, and sending loads of love to everyone!

    Love you, dear friend,

  6. I have prayed for you and your family to our ALMIGHTY GOD!!!
    In Jesus Name!
    God bless and keep you...

  7. Oh dear sweet girl, prayers abounding. God will meet every need and dry every tear. I wear a little black bracelet that one side it simply says, "God's Got This!. The other side is Proverbs 3:5-6. Hold onto that verse. Praying will continue. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Dear Kelly~Anne,

    I have thought about you several times over the past few weeks and sent up prayers. And reading specifically your prayer requests, I prayed to that end just now, and especially for your Moma. I am truly saddened deep down thinking about how she must be feeling. But as I was reading the section about needing a new home, the scripture came to my mind about God's love and provision for the flowers and the sparrows and how much greater His love and provisions are for us. He will come through for all of you with that which is Perfect. I believe it to be so and done in His Name.

    Prayerfully with all of you,

  9. These pictures just break my heart, dear one...wish I could be there to wrap you in a big hug and make everything "all better"...wish you and your sweet family didn't live thousands of miles across the big sea...wish I could give your precious mama a hand by spending a day just loving on the little ones...I wish...but, as my nana used to say "if wishes were horses...then beggars would ride". (She had all sorts of "wisdom sayings" for all of us! (smile)) Rather than "wishing"...I am turning my thoughts and prayers to our Lord and Saviour...who knows the end from the beginning...and who already has a wonderful plan for all of His amazing timing. Please know that you have friends who love you and are praying for you from all over the globe...and that our loving God hears those prayers...
    With love,
    Mrs. Laura

  10. Thank you for sharing those photos of your house after the fire. I will pray for your mother's healing. Will keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers that you will soon find a home to rent.
    God Bless.
    Marilyn and family

  11. The images of your burnt down home are heartbreaking. Your family continues to be in my prayers.

  12. Oh, Kelly-Anne! There are no words. May our God of all Comfort surround you and your family through this time! You and your family are in my continued prayers.

  13. Wow, I am praying for you my dear sweet friend!! Oh how i would love to be able to help you out with things and be there for you, but alas we are separated so far away. The power of prayers is not to go unestimated though. The Lord can do mighty things when we humble ourselves and seek for His help and provision so that is what I am doing!! Praying that the Lord will meet your needs in ways that you may never expect and that you all would continue to lean on Him in this trying time!!! Love you sweet friend, and wish to write you more in the very near future! Love, Sarah Spies

  14. Oh dear Kelly-Anne, the destruction and sadness, I can't even imagine! Seeing those pictures must have been soo hard for you, to see this place that you loved so dearly, so many precious and beautiful moments spent here, just gone. Will you be able to rebuild there? Could you camp out on your property until a new home is built? Oh my goodness, so many decisions weighing on the hearts of your parents, I will most certainly continue in prayer for them, and for all of you. I can imagine the little ones being frustrated, not able to run and play as they normally have. What an upset this has been to their lives. Praying that you can find a farm again to live on, and to enjoy the bounty of the land. Our LORD is able! No shortages in His House of Provision! I will join with you in believing that something will be found for your family! Please do keep us informed, and let us know how you are doing. Thank you again so much for the updates. All of you are in our continued prayers!

  15. I am so sorry for your is very hard to see the reality of it. Will pray for a home for you, since time is short, but I know the Lord will come through for you!

  16. Hi Kelly Anne I read about your loss at mountain topspice. I am sorry for the loss of your home and your neighbour's lives. I will pray for you and your family. I am warmed in my heart as I read about your faith in God. It is very beautiful. I want to encourage you to look forward and continue to trust in Him. Maybe you can go home and rebuild? The Lord will lead and provide - He always does. That is definitely something I have seen and lived in my own life. Take care. Ronda

  17. Preciously, Kelly-Anne, it was so hard to see the devastation to your home and to learn of the loss of your precious neighbors! What a heartbreak. I have been praying for you and have asked my DH and our small group to pray as well. Thank you for the continued updates, and we know that God holds each of us in His loving arms! Hugs and love, precious friend! xoxo

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