Monday, 6 February 2017

Valentine Inspired Crafts, Bakes and Thoughts from Around the Blog & a Giveaway Winner...

Valentine's Day is a little over a week away and I am beginning to think a little Valentine inspired crafting, baking and decorating may be in order for the next few days!  {{happy sigh}}

While I do not celebrate Valentine's day in a worldly sense, believing God alone should be the author of my someday love story if He sees fit, but I do enjoy celebrating true, Biblical love and showing those I hold most dear to my heart, how much I value and appreciate them!

Here are a few Valentine inspired ideas for you from around the blog should you be in need of a little lovely inspiration...

What does the word love really mean?  I share my thoughts and heart in this post and encourage you to love deeply with Christ's perfect, unconditional love...

These little cards are so charming and such fun to create!  
These cards are not just for Valentine's...they are lovely enough to be used for many different occasions!

Paper mosaic is very striking and these cards are such a delight to create...
Make large ones for special messages to loved ones and smaller ones to use as gift tags...

These gorgeous fabric hearts make beautiful Valentine inspired decor...  
I hung mine up on a white branch to add a love theme to our home decor...
Or simply use a heart as a ''tag'' on a gift for a loved one...

 Heart Paper Garlands ~
Make a pretty heart paper garland from offcuts of scrapbook paper and use to add an eye-catching feature to your living room, kitchen or even bedroom...I have mine in my room all year round!  {{smiles}} 

This felt heart garland would add such Valentine cheer to your home!  I used red, dark pink and light pink felt hearts to create a beautiful garland which is now strung up in the little girl's room as decor!

These pretty sugary treats are perfect for Valentine's inspired baking and would be sweet used as place settings on a Valentine's inspired table...  

This elegant cake is perfect for a Valentine's day tea...
Not only is it a striking red inside, but it is moist and perfectly delicious indeed! 

 And now for the moment you have been excitedly awaiting, dear readers...
The sweet giveaway winner, randomly picked by my dear mom...

Without further ado, I'd like to announce that...


Is the the lovely winner of my friendship giveaway!  

I will email you for your details and then send your little package of love off to you!  {{Smiles}}

~ ♥ ~
Happy new week, lovely readers...
Will you be doing any Valentine decorating?
With love in Christ,
~  For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son.  That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  John 3:16 ~ 


  1. What lovely ideas, Kelly-Anne! We love making Valentine's Day simple and fun. I love making a special dinner and a festive dessert...usually something chocolate. For us, it isn't a big holiday or a grand occasion, but just something cute, sweet and fun. I am going to check out all the links you shared and perhaps get some new ideas to try {{smiles}}

    Wishing you a lovely day ❤️

  2. You have made such pretty decorations and cards. I especially like the heart ornaments on the white branch Thanks for your kind comments on my post.

  3. Good Morning dear Miss Kelly-Anne!

    What a sweet and lovely post...and what a treat to discover that I am the recipient of your precious give-away! It truly warms my heart on this snowy Maine morning!

    It is so amazing how the Lord touches our hearts each and every day in so many different ways...if we would only take a moment to notice. And, even more importantly, how He leads us to touch another's heart...if we would only be still long enough to see that need.

    I just love each and every "heart" item you shared today! The little cards are so adorable...I was just thinking of the big basket of scraps I have in my sewing room...just perfect for little hearts (smile)!

    So, thank you again, dear one...for brightening my heart this morning...and for sharing God's love with all of us.

    With hugs and love,
    Mrs. Laura

  4. This is such a beautiful compilation of Valentine's day inspiration!! I hope to find some time this week to try one of these sweet projects! Thank you for sharing Kelly-Ann!

  5. All very good ideas! I enjoyed them. Congrats on the giveaway winner.
    Have a blessed day,Kelly-Amme


  6. Congratulations to Mrs. Laura!

    I am going to check on some of the projects you showed here. I especially like the little Valentine cards on brown paper. Lovely and would be such a fun use for small fabric scraps.

    The coconut ice hearts look wonderful. I am going to look at the recipe and possibly make some of these. Thanks so much for sharing these lovely Valentine ideas!

  7. Kelly-Anne, thank you for these wonderful Valentine ideas. The red velvet cake looks so Yummy, and a favorite of mine. And the felt heart garland is delightful. I really like felt because it's soft and sturdy at the same time. The fabric hearts hanging from the white branch is darling. You are so creative, and you have a very special verse on here.....For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son.

    Have a blessed week, Kelly-Anne.


  8. What a great collection. I came over from The Art Of Homemaking. I am following you now. You have a beautiful blog.
    I wanted to invite you to come over to The Fabulous Valentines Party and link your posts. The party is over here:
    Each month is a different theme. We'd love to have you join the party.

  9. Congrats to the winner!

    Your pretty Valentine decor made me smile. I especially like the coconut ice hearts.

    My letters to you and Nancy are on its way...

  10. What cute crafts! Love the heart-shaped coconut ice <3 Sweet post, Kelly-Anne :)

  11. What lovely things you have made. Very pretty.

  12. Hello, my lovely Kelly-Anne!

    Ah, what beautiful and inspiration can be found on your blog. Oh, how you inspire me, dear friend. I just love the many Valentine's Day ideas and crafts. Thank you for sharing with us.

    And congratulations to the lovely winner! Love and hugs to you!

  13. Kelly-Anne, thank you so much for sharing these lovely Valentine creative ideas. Your blog is so beautiful and inspiring. I trust that all is going well.

    Congratulations to the winner of your lovely give away!


  14. Such beautiful creations you make!! All of it is so pretty and dainty and feminine! God has gifted you with many talents, sweet friend. :) May He bless you on Valentine's Day and all other days with His wonderful agape love. Sending you hugs from the USA!

  15. Gorgeous cards and hearts and sugary treats perfect for Valentine´s day, Congrats to Laura.

  16. Hi. Thanks for linking at The Fabulous Valentine Party. Your post was so fun.
    I am glad you came and joined the party. I was just pinning a picture from each link so I came back over. I wanted to let you know that I am featuring you as a Favorite Newly discovered blog on my Happy Homemaker Monday post. It's over
    at Sandras at
    Thanks again for linking. The link changes every Sunday so come over and link your posts!
    Have a Blessed Sunday.

  17. Olivia Bell (aka Livy)14 February 2017 at 11:10

    What beautiful creations, Kelly-Anne! They are so pretty and perfect!! I did some decorating last night for Valentines, I put our white and pink flowered tablecloth on the dinning room table, along with a pink pop-pop garland, and my vases with artificial flowers, and my heart garlands, and two pretty white candle sticks, I think it's really pretty!!!

    Happy Valentines Day, dear friend! :D


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