Monday, 20 February 2017

Five Simple Ways to Get Started with Your New Hobby

"I desperately want to craft, but I have no idea where to begin...or how!"
We have had many a lady say this to us over the years....

I will admit that oftentimes I too doubt myself and my creative abilities (a form of pride, I believe...) simply because something is new or slightly more challenging. 

For instance, I have lately become interested in attempting more complicated patterns and taking my sewing to a whole new level...
Daunted as I may feel, I realise that in order to make any progress at all, I need to actually make a start.  I need to view it as a challenge!

What would my advice be to someone eager to try their hand at a new craft or hobby but maybe hesitant to take the first step?  How would I answer the above question?

Let me share with you what I am learning at the moment and how I am stretching myself with regards to sewing.  I do hope you will be inspired to further challenge yourself, whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or an old hand at your craft...

~ Make a start ~
Creativity is something that can take place anywhere.  
On your dining room table...on the sofa...even the floor! 
I remember being most intrigued watching a lady cut out a dress on the tiles of her living room because she didn't have enough space anywhere else!

 If we wait for the perfect set up or the perfect tools, it is more than likely we will never get anything achieved and become discouraged to even try...

Oh, it is wonderful to have a neat and well-stocked craft room, but it is not necessary when the aim is to be creative.  I would strongly encourage you to not wait any longer!  
If you need a few tools for your specific craft, invest in them, but you needn't buy the most expensive ones or everything a certain craft book suggests.  


Talk to someone who already knows something about your chosen hobby and get tips from them, they are usually more than happy to share what they've learnt!  For instance, a rotary cutter is so handy and saves plenty of time, but it is not essential.  We sewed for years without the aid of one...

 ~ Be intentional ~
This is one area I cannot stress enough.  If you are not intentional, chances are you will never take that first step!  When I was younger and very much into paper craft, my mom and I would sit and make cards or a scrapbook page one evening a week. 
We marked our creative session on the calendar and cooked a simple meal that night which was served early so that we would have sufficient time for pursuing our favourite hobby. 

Even experienced crafters have to be intentional about what they want to achieve.  Unless I physically set aside time, I don't get a chance to sew for pleasure.

Make sure you have the items you need for each session ready, otherwise you might become discouraged or frustrated.  When starting out, it also really helps to have an image or idea to follow.

~ Allow room for error ~
Experienced crafts make mistakes too, did you know that?
 You will make mistakes along the way, but that is how you learn and grow!
And keep in mind that each time you supposedly make a mistake, you will become more experienced.  Your work can only get better...
I must say, I look back at some of my very first cards (which I was proud of then, mind you) and cannot for the life of me understand why I chose to coordinate certain papers or use a specific ribbon!  And my first few sewing projects were atrocious!   
Give yourself room to grow...and practice, practice, practice...

~ Increase your knowledge ~
This is something I myself am always doing!
Currently, as aforementioned, I am working on increasing my sewing skills.
Thus, the internet is my best source of information right now...I am watching YouTube videos, following sewing blogs and familiarising myself with new terms and techniques.
This can be very daunting, but push yourself - you can do it!
Speak to experienced crafters...I know I always love to share anything I have learnt with anyone just starting out!  Perhaps they'll even offer to teach a few basics...
There is no shame in learning and we are never too old to be taught something new!

~ Be the best version of yourself ~
I couldn't imagine a life without creativity.
Creativity is something I eat, sleep and breathe!
I believe creativity is a gift the Lord gave to each of us...but it is up to us to develop it.

The Lord is the ultimate Creator and a lover of beauty...  
I believe it brings Him joy to see His children embracing the unique gifts He gave them.
Each person is different with specific tastes and ideas...
Express yourself through your craft, whatever it may be.

If there is one thing I can leave you with it would be to never look to another crafter for what is the 'right' design or way to do something...
Seek inspiration and ask for advice, by all means, but strive to create with your own personal flair.
Your creations are unique simply because they are yours...they may look completely different to mine, but how wonderful! 
This world would be very boring indeed if we were all exactly alike with nothing to define our individuality?


Above everything as if you are doing it for the Lord...let it be your motto.  
Keep this Scripture in mind and seek to bring Him glory through your creativity!
And don't forget to have fun!  {{smiles}} 

Whether you like sewing, pretty fabric or paper, here are a few simple tutorials from around the blog to get you started...

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How to make simple elegant pin cushions {Tutorial}

Crafty greetings,

P.S.  These are a just a few of the items of clothing I have been experimenting with lately as well as a couple of my previous projects... 

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  1. Kelly-Anne,

    This is such a beautiful post! I am sure it will inspire and encourage many. Everything you said is so true. Your new sewing projects are adorable! I always love your choice of fabrics. : )


  2. Dearest Kelly-Anne, what a beautiful gift you are to the blogging community and all those around you. This post was such a blessing to me and I know it will bless many others.

    Thank you for such sweet words of wisdom. Your encouragement greatly touched my heart.

    Wishing you a most beautiful and joyous week. Love to you!

  3. Great tips, Kelly-Anne! I'm not a crafter, but your advice can be applied to other hobbies like blogging!

  4. Great tips! We are working on boosting our sewing skills over here and find it too easy to stop a project when a pattern challenge comes along... Thanks for this boost of inspiration to persevere! :)

  5. Hello Miss Kelly Anne!
    What a lovely post...thank you for sharing all of your precious sewing projects with us. Your advice for new sewers is so wonderful! It is true...many are afraid to try because of possible failure...not only in sewing...but in so many aspects of our lives. Your ideas are so helpful and encouraging! I would add that I have found it helpful financially to check out thrift shops (such as Goodwill...not sure if they have this store in Africa!)...for patterns, cloth, and all sorts of sewing notions and supplies! Also, yard sales are another great place to pick up items. As far as getting experience, it is so wonderful to find a mentor who sews...or join a group of sewers. Older ladies just love to share their talents with younger ladies!

    Best advice I can give...just do it! (smile)
    Sweet blessings,
    Mrs. Laura

  6. Hi! How are you today, my lovely friend?
    I just wanted to share a YouTube channel I've been inspired by. I can sew, and make simple things, although I'm definitely not an expert!! The YouTube channel is way beyond me but I just love watching April's deft fingers and sewing machine work magic. The particular series I love is called Thrifted Transformations. She thrift shops for something she likes then transforms it into something she loves! Most of her finished outfits I wouldn't actually wear (due to things like modesty lol) but I just can't stop watching the videos. They are seriously inspirational.
    Anyway, I hope you are having a lovely day. Thanks again for a wonderful post!

  7. Thanks so much Kelly Anne for sharing this inspiration post with us at C&C with J&J. Enjoy the week.
    Julie xo

  8. Thank you for the encouragement. I have just made a skirt which was too big in the waistband and I was disappointed with the initial result and then put it aside however I managed to tweak it a bit and it turned out ok. I have learned by a mistake and next time I'm sure it will be better. Blessings Gail.
    ( found you through Strangers and Pilgrims)

  9. You have given your readers some wonderful tips when it comes to creativity and how to use this precious gift that the Lord has given us. The garments you've shared are very nice, Kelley-Anne. Thank you so much.

  10. What a beautiful, heartfelt post, chock-full of such wonderful advice...not only for crafters, but for life. These principles could be applied to so many other things, too. God has given you much wisdom at such a young, tender age. You are a blessing to us all, sweet friend. :) God bless you!

  11. You are wise beyond your years, dear Kelly-Anne! This post was simply amazing - five big stars! You have simply made it clear that one doesn't need to wait another minute to be creative, just pick something that is of interest to you, and get started! You have shared some excellent tips! I have sewed for years without a rotary cutter too! My daughter gifted me one for Christmas, and I am loving it, but truly, scissors work fine too! It is nice to have extra tools, but simple ones work too! Your outfits that you have sewn are just gorgeous! Your sweet little sisters are so lucky! Do you know I went to Wal-Mart and the pattern you told me about was SOLD out! Soo... I am going to another store here in town to see if they might have it. Or I might just have to break down and buy it online, lol! I actually am planning to invite my dear friend T over this weekend, and we are going to each make a blouse! Wish us well :) I think it will be so much fun. Hugs to you dear friend, I appreciate you and your amazing talents, and knowledge, and sweet heart so much!

  12. Olivia Bell (aka Livy)23 February 2017 at 13:15

    This was a lovely post, all the sewing projects you featured were beautiful! What you said about making your creations your own and not trying to make them look like other people's creations was so true, thanks for the great advice, Kelly-Anne! {{smiles}}

  13. Sweet friend,

    This post was such a lovely one and spoke to me in such a sweet way! Your words were so inspiring and encouraging. I think you know that I have dealt with unrealistic expectations, etc. in regards to certain crafty endeavors, as I mentioned recently to you, and this post was just what I needed to read! I think I shall print it out and place it in my notebook so I can refer back often when I need a gentle reminder of these beautiful thoughts.

    Thank you so much for sharing such wise, gentle words! You are a blessing in this blogging world, Kelly-Anne ♥

    Thinking of you and your family...hope all is well with you all!

    Love to you,


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