Monday, 30 January 2017

Rebekah's Red & White Tiered Skirt...

I never thought, all those years ago when I first began to sew, that I would come to love it as passionately as I do now...

Paper craft was my first love then and I spent many pleasurable hours at my little table in the living area, crafting to my heart's content...
I still dearly love to make make cards and dream of someday picking up scrapbooking once again too...

Lately I have begun to enjoy sewing simple clothing items more... I have found that making clothes requires plenty of practice before it becomes something you do for pleasure...

Sometime last year I shared about the little tiered skirt I made for my sister, Sofia...
Shortly after completing this garment, I chose fabric for another skirt, this time for Rebekah.
But the material lay on my shelves for many months before I had a moment to put it together.

The other morning I made up my mind to work on it early in the day, even before breakfast.
By tea time that morning it was complete and Rebekah was all smiles as she tried on her sweet skirt for the first time!


I was so very pleased with the outcome...I had a delightful time creating it and realised how much I love to make clothes for my I love it when little girls are dressed in a feminine way!  {{smiles}} 

And now for a few pictures of our little rosebud, Rebekah, wearing her pretty new skirt...



Rebekah is seven years old and is our quiet, creative sister..
She has a kind, giving heart...


Her favourite colour is red and for a while we would call her "Red-Bekah!"

Rebekah plays beautifully with brother, Caleb and is a wonderful help in our home...
Just the other morning she learnt how to use the mop and washed the kitchen floor for us most cheerfully indeed!

Sometime ago I wrote a character sketch on Rebekah...if you would like to read it, you can view the post on my previous blog over here.

And thus ends a simply wonderful sewing project!
I cannot wait to start working on something else!

Blessings on your week, sweet friends!
Thank you so much for stopping by, your visits bring a smile to my face!

 Today I am sharing this sewing project with...


  1. Dear Kelly Anne,
    You did a beautiful job sewing that skirt. Rebekah is so cute! She has a sweet little smile and pretty blue eyes. :) She is blessed to have such a wonderful sister like you. :)

    Love and blessings,

  2. Good Morning, Miss Kelly-Anne!

    What a lovely job you did on this looks so sweet on your precious little sister! And I so enjoyed going back to your previous blog and reading the character sketch you wrote...such a beautiful family!

    I pray that you will all have a very blessed week!
    With love and hugs,
    Mrs. Laura

  3. How sweet of you to sew for your sisters. She looks so pretty in her new skirt! She makes a very pretty model! Caleb is growing into one handsome little boy!
    Have a blessed day,

  4. Oh, how I love Miss Rebekah's skirt! The fabrics you used are simply beautiful and she makes it all the more pretty! I love that you are sewing clothing...that is such a great thing and something I wished I had a talent for {{smiles}}

    wishing you a lovely week, my friend! Sending you hugs and love! ♥

  5. Very charming, Kelly-Anne. Love the bold red color!

  6. Kelly-Ann,

    What a lovely gift for your sister! I am sure it is extra special since it was made for her by her sister. : ) Rebekah is beautiful! Such sweet pictures of her and Caleb too!


  7. Aw, Kelly-Anne, that turned out so cute. Rebekah is adorable - she looks like she really loves her new skirt! You are very talented. Hope you are well.

  8. Great job on the skirt, Kelly-Anne!

  9. Your little " RoseBud" is just darling in her new skirt. You did a fabulous job, Kelly-Anne.
    Beautiful photographs too.

    Have a beautiful week~

  10. That skirt is beautiful Kelly-Anne! I absolutely love the color! Red is also my favorite color. You my dear are quite talented! Rebekah is just a doll! You are very blessed to have all those siblings to love and treasure.
    Have a lovely week!
    Hugs, Amy

  11. Both the skirt and Rebekah are so cute! She's lucky to have a sister that can sew.

  12. How beautiful!! Rebekah is such a pretty, lovely girl and the outfit just makes her prettier!

    Your sewing is superb, Kelly-Anne! This was such a delightful post, I really enjoyed it! {{smiles}}

  13. What a lovely skirt. You are a talented sewer. Thanks for sharing. Rebekah is a beautiful young lady.

  14. Oh, how pretty! You do an amazing job, sweet friend. :) Your sisters are blessed to have your love and talents showered upon them! Thank you for sharing with us here!

  15. This skirt is darling, Kelly-Anne. You did a fantastic job on it. What a talent it is to sew. My mom sewed many of my clothes growing up. Rebekah looks so sweet in her new outfit. That's my mother's name, so I will surely remember her. :)


  16. You did a fabulous job on this skirt! It looks just right on sweet Rebekah. In years to come, I'm sure your little sisters will love looking back on what you made for them. :)

  17. The skirt is so cute! - Rebekeh is just darling in these shots. She makes such a sweet little model and oh my Caleb is sure growing. - Sorry to have not commented in so long.

  18. Oh my goodness, so much sweetness! The skirt is darling and Rebekah looks absolutely adorable in these photos. What a doll! And then little Caleb! How big and handsome he is getting! Put a smile on my face this morning!


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