Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Friendship Giveaway♥

 *Well, today is in fact Sunday...but I put this together a couple days ago...♥

 I am sipping a cup of tea whilst enjoying a blissfully cooler morning and we have even had a light shower of rain, most welcome during this hot, dry summer we are experiencing...
In a few moments I will continue my sewing of whale and elephant softies for Saturday's craft market...
Today has been a delightful day thus far...I am purposing to cherish each moment and not rush through my household tasks, not so simple for this goal-orientated girl! 

This week I had the joy of creating charming little pin cushions from floral prints and gorgeous ribbons and lace...I shared about them in this post.
While I work on a little tutorial for these elegant pin cushions, I have something sweet to share with you is the surprise you've been waiting for, dear friends!

I have yet to host a giveaway on The Diary of a Country Girl and thus, seeing as this will be my (almost) 60th post on this little blog, I thought it would be a lovely way to express my gratitude for all your kind words and visits, my dear friends!
The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, not the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when you discover that someone else believes in you and is willing to trust you with a friendship.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let me show you what I have for one sweet reader to win...

 A gift of love from me to....♥

Three large handmade cards featuring beautiful floral papers...

 A charming floral tin, perfect for storing bitty things in such as earrings, clips or even buttons...

A rose scented fragrance sachet, so delightfully pretty and very useful indeed...

And a specially made floral pin cushion, featuring lovely ribbons and a sweet satin rose...just right for those ladies who love sewing and if you don't sew yourself, then bless somebody else in need of a pin cushion in their sewing corner...

 To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post, telling me what your first ever creative project was, it is as easy as that...and if for some reason you aren't able to leave a comment, you can also email me.

For extra entries...

Become a follower of The Diary of A Country Girl {via email, Google Friend Connect, etc}

Follow me {Girlhood Dreams} on Pinterest

Share this giveaway using your choice of social media

Follow me {Kelly-Anne} on Etsy

Favourite Heart♥made shoppe on Etsy

Please be sure to either leave another comment telling me what you did to gain more entries or include this information in your first comment.

This giveaway is open to ALL COUNTRIES and will end on the 6th of February...
One of my younger sisters will draw a name and the winner will be announced on February 7th...

Happy commenting, sweet friends...
I hope you know how thankful I am for each of you - you bring such cheer into my life through your kindness and friendship!  

Blessings and joy to you on this glorious day!

*Please note that I will not be responding to comments on this post ♥


  1. A very sweet giveaway , dear Kelly!
    My first creative project was a little cardigan for my doll Sheila ;
    I knitted it with all my care even if I was only ten !

  2. Hello, dear friend!

    What an absolutely lovely giveaway you have put together....the winner is going to be so blessed by your creativity and generosity. I would be so honored to have my name popped in the hat.

    As for my first creative project. It was either a simple pillow or a sundress that my aunt helped Julia and I make for our little baby cousin. I was around 7 years old when I first began sewing, so it's been awhile.

    ~I follow your blog via Google Friend Connect and email.
    ~I follow you on Etsy.
    ~I favorited your shop on Etsy. (a long time ago...smiles)
    ~I shared the giveaway on my personal FB page.
    ~And, finally, I happily follow you on Pinterest.

    Thank you, Kelly-Anne, for the opportunity to win these beautiful items...may your week be blessed and beautiful!

    Much love and joy!

  3. Kelly-Anne,
    Yes, I would love a chance to win your special giveaway! I really like the floral tin, and that sachet with the bird and crown is sweet. I am a bird lover, and that caught my eye right away. What a nice giveaway.

    Have a peaceful Sunday, dear.


  4. Oh! I am ever so excited about this! The giveaway items are so incredibly beautiful and you did such a great job on them! {{smiles}}

    Hmmm my first creative project... Well, I remember two things from a long time ago. My mom always made "Salt Dough" for my brother and I to play with and make things out of when we were little, and I always loved that. I also remember once, we had little messenger type bags, and we decorated them with designs and our names with glitter glue. Those are two crafting memories I remember from when I was very little. {{smiles}}

  5. Oh, what a lovely giveaway!

    I'm not sure what my first creative project was, but I think it was cutting holes in a fancy old sock to make a "dress" for my Barbies. The first one I can remember distinctly was learning to crochet when I was about 6, which resulted in a short, thin scarf crocheted so tightly it was stiff :-)

    I follow you as Hamlette on Google Friend Connect.

    I follow you as Huggermugger or Rachel on Etsy.

    And I've favorited Heartmade on Etsy :-)

  6. My first ever creative project was crocheting my american girl dolls hats and scarves! This is such a sweet giveaway. You have such a lovely blog too! :)

  7. What a lovely and generous giveaway, Kelly-Anne!

    I did creative projects mostly with paper and crayons, etc. from the time I was quite small. But the first things I remember doing in the line of needlework were little projects for my dolls. Just as someone mentioned above, I would cut holes in socks to make sleeveless sweater dresses for my Barbies. My mother subscribed to a "sample club" where tiny swatches of many fabrics arrived in the mail. I remember laboriously hand-sewing many of them together to make a very small doll quilt.

    After that, I did very little with needlework until my early 20s, at which time I jumped into embroidery and needlepoint and never looked back. Over time I also learned to sew and crochet and do counted cross-stitch.

    Now, for other entries ...

    * I follow your blog via email.

    * I favorited your Etsy shop sometime ago.

    * I follow you on Pinterest.

    * And now I follow you on Etsy!

    Thanks again for the generous giveaway and opportunity to win these lovely things!

  8. What a generous giveaway! Oh, I am so in love with every beautiful gift you are giving away, I loved your pincushions in your previous post! I truly do need one of those, as I am currently working on a little dress for a new great-niece, and my little pin box is certainly not as handy as a little pin cushion would be. Such a lovely and wonderful way to celebrate your 60th post!

    As for my first creative project, I cannot even remember, perhaps it was a teddy bear that I sewed by hand as a child. I do know that I have been sewing ever since a young child. Sadly, I haven't done much sewing in the last few years, but I am getting back into it.

    You are certainly a beautifully skilled seamstress, and I love all of your handiwork!

    May the Lord bless you my dear, such a sweet precious friend you are to me :)

  9. What a lovely giveaway! I've been blessed with your and your sister's pretty handiwork so I won't enter your contest. But I'm sure the winner will enjoy her prizes!

  10. My first project was a knitted purse and some potholders. I followed on Kelly-Anne on Etsy. Thanks for the giveaway. I love your blog.

  11. Hello, Kelly-Anne,

    I would be very happy to have my name entered for the giveaway!
    I have also started following you on Pinterest.

    As I recall, the very first project I did on my own, was a Christmas present for my youngest sister: a crocheted hat, dress, pillow and blanket for her doll.
    I was 8 or 9 years old at the time, and I had no patterns. I just held up my work to the doll, and used that as my guide.I was very proud of myself :D. The things fit surprisingly well, and my sister loved them.

  12. What a lovely giveaway! This is so awesome. :) Congratulations on 60 posts!
    My first creative project was sewing a doll. I still have her, her name is Charlotte.
    I follow this blog and your pinterest account! :)

  13. What a beautiful giveaway Kelly-Ann! You are so sweet and thoughtful.

    It is hard to remember what my first project was, but I think it was a simple skirt I sewed when I was 9. : )

    I am following your blog through blogger. And I have had the pleasure of following you on Pinterest for a while now. I am also following you and your shop on Etsy.

    Thank you! May you have a blessed day!!


  14. Oh, what a precious giveaway! And so kind and generous of you, my friend! I think my very first crafty project was when I crocheted a huge afghan with pastel colors of the rainbow. If I remember right, I began this project as a young teen, so you can imagine how many years ago that was! The other day, as we looked through some things in our storage unit, I came across that afghan. So many memories were being made while I was stitching it all those years ago! So much is different now...but, life does move on, and we have no choice but to move along with it. I would love to win your giveaway! In addition to commenting here, I am not sure how much else I can to do earn extra entries...I am already following you on Pinterest, and your Etsy shop has been one of my favorites for quite some time. :) I am a follower on Google and email. I am not sure if these qualify for extra entries since they were already in place before the giveaway...anyhow, thank you for the opportunity to win! Sending you so much love from the USA!!

  15. My first project was doll clothes.

    {Email Entry}

  16. My first project was a knitted sweater. Thank You for the giveaway.

    {Email Entry}

  17. Good Morning, Dear One!
    Congratulations on your 60th post! I have enjoyed getting to know you and your lovely family through your blog...and I look forward to sitting down and reading more (perhaps on one of these chilly Maine mornings over a cup of tea!) Thank you for hosting such a sweet give-away...I would love to be considered! In addition to this comment...I also followed you on pinterest (please don't giggle...but my daughter-in-laws are just getting me into this...they can't believe with all the crafting that I do that I am not a huge pinterest fan!)...I also followed both of your etsy shoppes...which, by the way, are so adorable! I, too, have a shoppe...and need to get back to filling it up again!

    Again, thank you so much for hosting this give-away...and for writing such a sweet and caring blog!
    Sweet blessings and hugs!
    Mrs. Laura

  18. Oops! I forgot to tell you my first recollection of creating! Well, I can always remember sitting with my Nana and watching her sew...she had this amazing closet filled with all sorts of scraps and such that she had saved...and she would let me dig through and use whatever I would like. I can't really remember the first item I made...I suppose it was something for my dolly...but I do remember something I created from my childhood that I still have...although it was most likely when I was 7 or 8 or so. It is an embroidery sampler with lots of different stitches on it. My mama saved it and framed it...and now it hangs in my home.

    Sorry that I didn't include this in my first comment...think I was too excited to see all the lovely "pins" on your boards!
    Have a blessed day!
    Mrs. Laura

  19. Beautiful giveaway Kelly-Ann, such pretty things, I would love to be included. My first sewn items were dolls clothes.

  20. Thank you so much for having this great giveaway! You are very talented:-)
    My first project was probably a blanket that I sew for my dad's birthday at around 10. It took me a long time, but at the end it was really worth it!

    Just letting you know that I subscribed through blogger, and started to follow your Pinterest boards.

    May God bless you!

  21. I am a 64 year old gramma and delight in your blog, Kelly-Anne. One of our grandbab'es is 16 year old, Christiana and you remind me much of her. I love hearing about your country and family and how you occupy your time in serving and creating. You asked us to share about the first creative work that we did. This takes me back many many years to when I was in Jr High and girls were automatically given an introduction to Home-Ec. Our first project was to decorate a shoe box as a bedroom using smaller cardboard boxes for furniture and fabric for bedding...... I flourished in this opportunity and still recall the vivid turquoise that I used as the main color with soft yellow and pink accents. I still love sewing and making things beautiful using color and textures. Thank you for the opportunity to share.

  22. Hi Kelley Anne,

    This is in regard to your giveaway, and that is very sweet of you. I do already follow you on Pinterest and Etsy, and have your blog on my tool bar across the top where my favorites are, and I am particular! I have one other young girl that I follow. You both remind me of my own girlish pursuits years ago She sews historic clothes and wears them.

    Thank you,

    {Email Entry}

  23. I also follow your blog via google friend connect, I follow you on pinterest and on etsy. I also favorited the etsy shoppe :)

  24. Dear Kelly Anne,

    What a delightfully sweet giveaway you are having. I love the cards you've made and the cute little tin. :) I would love to win your giveaway. I'm not sure what my first project was probably something crocheted (like a headband, heart, or flower) or a painted picture. I follow your blog by email, and I follow your Pinterest page. :)

    Have a sweet day!
    Love in Christ,

  25. What an absolutely beautiful giveaway Kelly Anne! :) These are such sweet gifts. I'm not sure what my very first creative project was, but my first memory is of a small woven yarn piece like a tiny rug that I made with some sort of loom my mom made for me. :)

  26. Hello lovely Kelly Ann! :)

    My name is Alena and I would love to be entered into the giveaway! You have put together a very lovely giveaway, and Im sure whoever wins it will be very much blessed by it!

    One of the first sewing projects that I made (and was actually pleased with ;) was a denim apron with white polka dots and red lace.

    Thank you so much for such a lovely little blog spot. I enjoy visiting it very much and often turn to it when I need a little crafty inspiration! Your posts inspire me and encourage very much!

    Gods blessings to you and your family! :))

    {Email Entry}

  27. Dear Kelly-Anne,
    I fear I may be too late to enter your give-away (if not, please enter me!! :) but what a lovely one it is! your creations are so pretty, so dainty....I love them all! Let's see, I think my first project was probably doll clothes. I remember my mom giving some fabric to play with and I made a dress for my Chatty Baby! LOL! that was a loooooong time ago! Love and blessings to you anad your family Kelly-Anne!


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