Sunday, 4 December 2016

Our Short But Sweet Family Getaway...

The weekend before last saw our family going away for a short but very sweet getaway...
It was so wonderful to enjoy quality time together without having to worry about housework and farm work…a welcome reprieve right before our busy season began!

We were blessed with a two night stay at a cabin surrounded by trees, tame deer roaming the property and plenty of space for the girls to enjoy hours of playing. 

There also happened to be a pool and everyone but Mom and I spent hours in the water despite it being a little chilly.  Even Caleb had his first swim which he absolutely loved!

Both Nancy and I took photographs, so there are a great many to share…I am sure you’ll enjoy a peek into our lovely family weekend away…

Seriously handsome… I am even more in love with this baby brother of mine than ever…
A small playground kept the girls occupied when they were not swimming.  Gabrielle poses for a picture…just look at the little lady she has become…

Sweet Rebekah poses…Nancy had a wonderful time snapping pictures of the girls.

Gabrielle and I on the swing…  It was so lovely to do nothing at all and not worry about all that had to be done…  I find it challenging to take time off and so being away from home meant I had to relax!


Rebekah delighted to be having tea and rusks on Saturday morning…

Breakfast on Saturday morning consisted of homemade granola, yoghurt and fruit salad, a real treat…

The four younger girls who fill our home with laughter and tears, smiles and sorrow, but ultimately plenty of love… 

From left to right:  Rebekah Faith (7), Gabrielle (9), Beth (12) and Sofia Cherish (5).


Nancy and Sofia did an impromptu photoshoot on Saturday afternoon…

Aww...those dimples!  {{Smiles}}


Me with Caleb (7 months), otherwise known as our “Buddles’’ which is basically a cross between the word “Buddy” (he is our best buddy) and “Cuddles” (he is the best little person to cuddle!).

Sofia feeding the tame deer…the little girls were able to feed the deer in the mornings and evenings, thanks to the kindness of the owner.

Nancy and Sofia…  If I didn’t have a vegetable garden or a dog, I would consider owning a few deer…they are such sweet creatures!

Gabrielle, still in her pyjamas mind you, feeding one of the deer…

Now…Caleb wasn’t supposed to swim.  On Sunday afternoon, just before we packed to leave, the girls were swimming in the pool and I sat on the edge holding Caleb, the two of us dangling our feet in the cold water.  He began splashing his little feet wildly and straining against my grasp so as to get into the water.  Eventually I gave in and held him over the pool so he could get wet up to his waist.  But that wasn’t good enough for him…next minute he was in Nancy’s arms, delighted to be swimming as well!  This pool had a wonderful shallow area where he could stand up against the side and splash happily in the water.  This little boy isn’t afraid in the least and the fact that the water was cold didn’t deter him in the least!

Sometimes we find it difficult to believe he is only seven months…he is such a boy and already gets into mischief  whenever possible (we dare not leave him alone in his walking ring for more than a moment!).

And so a most delightful weekend came to a close and life resumed its usual chug, although somewhat busier than the usual with so much happening during this time of the year.  

We all long to return for another peaceful weekend…you won’t believe how tired we were after all that sleeping, relaxing and resting!  {{smiles}} It makes us realise how tired we really are after such a full year.  

We look forward to resting and recuperating once all the festivities are over but for now, the preserving season has arrived and we are busy as bees from sun-up to sundown!

Happy new week, dear friends!


  1. Thank you for sharing your delightful little getaway with us, Kelly-Anne! I love these photos and it seems you have a couple of budding photographers in your family! Little Caleb looks like he is just full of energy and he is so blessed to have so many wonderful big sisters to love on him! Have a blessed week.♥

  2. What a wonderful getaway it was, Kelly-Anne! So happy that your family could take this precious time together. It looks truly relaxing.

  3. What a lovely, peaceful trip you all had! I love those kinds of trips of just being out in nature and exploring creation, and all its beauty....those are right up my alley. Whenever we travel, we do some of the tourist type stuff, but mostly we love venturing off to random places and that's where we find some of the most gorgeous places and neatest finds {{smiles}}

    I'm so glad you all got to get away for a bit! Sometimes getting away, even if just for a bit, is all a person needs to be refreshed.

    All your pictures are lovely and you all are such a sweet seeing the girls growing up!

    Wishing you a lovely week, my friend! Lots of love to you ♥

  4. What a delightful get-away your family had! It looks like you all had so much fun together, and I loved all the pictures! Little Caleb is so cute, when he gets older I bet he'll get into a lot of mischief!! Ha-ha!

    I am so sorry I haven't yet emailed you, I really am going to try to this week, I have been busy preparing for Christmas! But, I promise to try to email soon! I love you!

  5. What a fun getaway. I love that you call Call "Buddles". Too cute!

  6. How wonderful, Kelly-Anne, to get away for a bit. The girls are growing up! They are beautiful young ladies! Caleb is adorable; you can tell he loved the water from his expression. I'm glad you all had a wonderful time. Hope you will get a chance to return soon.

  7. these photos are just so. precious.
    you have such a beautiful family!

  8. Oh, how wonderful! I am so thankful you all were able to get away and enjoy this amazing time together. And, that little Caleb! Oh, my! He just gets cuter by the day! Such a little doll! I got your precious email and will write you back as soon as I can, sweet friend. Until then, sending you much love and many blessings from the US!

  9. These are gorgeous photos Kelly-Anne! Love seeing photos of your lovely family.

  10. Oh my goodness, such a brilliant bunch of photos.
    The ones of Caleb 'accidentally swimming' are priceless!
    His little face!
    Glad you got some time off ~ you do work hard.


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