Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Thoughts on Letter Writing {Repost}

"Writing letters is the purest form of friendship
we humans can possibly express.
We capture ourselves in a moment,
and then we give that moment away to someone else."

 ~ Anonymous

Letter writing is a something I take great pleasure in!
Thus, you can imagine my disappointment when I asked where I would find the writing paper in the store the other day and the lady replied that they no longer stocked writing paper...   
"No one writes these days..."  She said.  How very sad...
In days gone by, letters were the only means of communication, now we have the blessing of not only talking on our phones and texting, we have the internet which allows us to email and message in a  matter of mere seconds!

Oh, I do love having the internet...it is a true blessing and I have made the most precious, thoughtful friends through blogging...  How lovely it is to type an email and know it will be read just a little while later and perhaps even replied to on the very same day...
However, it saddens my heart to see how folks these days are out of touch with many of the beautiful, simple practices of old such as letter writing...
Writing letters is an art, and presentation is just as important as the contents of a letter, in my opinion...

 I realise that many of us don't have too much time for writing long letters by hand, but might I encourage you to set aside a little time every so often and put a bit of love on paper, decorate with some pretty goodies from your collection and seal it in a lovely envelope to bless someone's day...?
It is delightful to discover a handwritten letter in the mailbox in amongst bills and such, and just imagine the smile your sweet note will put on another's face!
Writing letters is a beautiful way to minister to others and share the love of Christ...
I have a few very dear friends whom I write to quite regularly, and who write back!   
Some I have never even met before...  This is oh, so very special...  
Isn't it wonderful that a simple thing such as a handwritten letter, can bring such joy...?

Thank you for stopping by today, my sweet friends...I am always touched by your kind visits!
I have a delightful surprise up my sleeve which I will share within the next few days, so do stay tuned!  {{Smiles}}
Happy Tuesday! 


  1. I love this!! Kelly Anne you are such a great writer and always put things so beautifully! I love writing letters. :) <3

  2. My sweet friend, what a lovely post to enjoy this Tuesday afternoon! Letter writing is such a beautiful art and a great way to spend one's time. In fact, it's something that I'm trying to get back into...when I was younger I loved writing notes and letters and then got back into it a couple years ago for just a bit. But I've been thinking lately about the simple things in life, and letter writing is indeed one of those things....such a pleasure in enjoying simple things and blessings in life. Thank you for this timely reminder!

    Sending a big hug your way ♥ Love and joy to you!!

  3. I have always loved letter writing but haven't to much these days for the same reasons people just don't anymore... I myself look for stationary at different Goodwills, thrift store. Many times have found some that people have thrown out... Have a lovely week Janice

  4. This was so wonderfully true! I love letter writing, and the thought of a store not carrying writing paper anymore! {{sighs}} We must strive to not let the art of letter writing fade away! {{smiles}}

  5. I started writing letters when I was a kid and it has become a lifelong hobby. I'm an ardent supporter of happy mail therapy!

  6. Such a beautiful post, sweet friend. I have always enjoyed writing letters and wrote quite a bit when I was younger. I still try to write handwritten letters, but I must confess with blogging, schooling, caring for the home, and keeping my Etsy shop full that I have set the beautiful art aside.

    Thank you for the lovely and wise words. Much love to you!

  7. Dear Kelly Anne,
    I am so sorry dear friend that I have not visited you sooner. I have had internet troubles lately off and on and have thus not been on blogger recently. I wanted to first thank you though for all your most lovely, kind, warm, delightful comments that encourage me and are a true blessing more than I can convey... through your friendship and the wonderful sister in Christ you are. Thank you so much! Your words and every comment I read mean so very much to me.
    I have had this lovely post of yours up in my browser for sometime and now that my signal is working today, I can finally comment :) What an endearing, beautifully written post! I enjoyed so much your thoughts on letter writing, and how true that is that the joy of writing a letter (or a large part of the joy) is knowing the smile you'll bring to the recipient when they open their mailbox to find your hand-written, lovely letter. Ah, what a lovely feeling! I need to make it a point to write more letters. It is something I enjoy thoroughly, but need to make more time for.
    I smile to think of all the precious letters written nowadays that bring joy, but especially those in days of old in wartimes and before that when sweethearts wrote lovingly to each other. How special.

    Thank you for the inspiration through your beautiful words.

    Love and many blessings and hugs to you!

  8. Dear Kelly Anne,

    I did enjoy reading this post. I LOVE writing letters, though I feel bad because I haven't been as consistent with my correspondence as I should be. :) Your post encouraged me to send letters more often. :)And I apologize I haven't responded to your last email. I kept meaning to write, but it never happened.

    I hope you have a joyful day!

    Love in Christ,

  9. What a great blog post! Sad but true :(

    You definitely need to check out http://www.moreloveletters.com/. I've been participating in this for over 2 years and it's such a great way to bring back letter-writing and deepen relationships in Christ.


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