Saturday, 12 November 2016

Happy Mail, Cuddles with Caleb & a Sweet Outing

Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.” 

 ~ Kurt Vonnegut 


 It was a beautiful crisp and misty morning when we left the farm for an outing to a nearby playground and coffee shop with the four younger girls and little Caleb...

We decided to run a few errands in town first, one being a quick stop by the post office so as to collect our mail...  What should be awaiting us but a gorgeous, love-filled package from a sweet friend in Virginia and the latest Above Rubies magazines which we have been anticipating for awhile now!  {{happy sigh}}

It always amazes me how a letter from a dear friend can bring such joy to your heart and keep you smiling for days afterwards!  I decided to save my beautiful letter for home where I could smile over it with a cup of tea...I even drew out the suspense by tidying my room first!  {{smiles}}

I must tell you what my sweet friend, Ashleigh, sent me as a delightful early birthday gift...the first season of Tales from Avonlea!  Oh my...I could not believe my eyes!  What thoughtfulness...I am so looking forward to watching this charming series for the first time, along with my mother and sisters!  To say that Ashleigh made my day with her kindness would be an understatement...I simply had to share the joy with you!

This week I wrote about letter writing and I would like to once again encourage you to take up the glorious art!  Not only will you be blessed, but you will bring happiness to someone through a note showing love, concern and kindness.  The Lord has been so gracious as to bring special people into my life, most of whom I have never actually met in marvellous is that?  {{smiles}}

On the way to the play farm, I picked up some more fabric from the material shop...oh, I cannot wait to show you all that I have been busy with in my sewing room seems there are just never enough hours in the day for sewing!  {{smiles}}

And now I must show you a few of the photographs I took today whilst out with my dear mom, younger sisters and baby brother.  It is so important to enjoy just being around one another...too often I become so caught up in the busyness of life and work that I forget to take time to smell the roses along the way and embrace the beauty of being home...

Although Caleb is just six months old, he has already begun exploring the world around him and cannot sit still for even a moment...he is one busy boy, that is for sure!
How wonderful it is to view the world through his eyes; so fresh and glorious....  It won't be long till he is walking about on his own, but right now it is quite intense with him just wanting to touch or grab whatever he lays his eyes on or worse, put it in his mouth!  Ah...but these moments are precious and fly by all too quickly...


What joy to pose for pictures with my darling baby brother!  Mom took these and did a lovely job of them too, don't you think?  {{Smiles}} What is it like having a brother that is over 19 years younger than you?  Wonderful...just wonderful!!

^ Beth and Sofia...

^ What joy...Gabrielle unwrapping her little package...

^ Aww, Rebekah's sweet face just says it all..

Ashleigh was sweet enough to include a little gift for each of my sisters too...and they were overjoyed as you can well imagine...

^ Smiles...

^ Caleb with his adoring sister, Gabrielle

^ Rebekah...

^ precious they are indeed!

^ Pure delight...Caleb enjoys the swing

^ ...And the slide...  Big sister Rebekah holds him close

^Little Sofia poses for a picture...  What do you think of her darling new haircut?   

And so a most enjoyable morning of picture taking, gift unwrapping, coffee drinking and watching little ones have fun playing on the playground, we returned home to a lovely lunch and naps...  

Happiest of weekends to you, dear friends!
Thank you for being so faithful to stop by and even leave me a kind is a joy to have you along for the journey! 

With joy in Christ,


  1. My dear friend, I just scrolled down to the bottom of your blog and saw the video you have there....did you know that Carol of the Bells is one of my most favorite Christmas songs AND the video you have on your blog is one I absolutely love and listen to all the time {even when it's not Christmastime} :) Yes, Christmas is coming! {{happy dance}}

    Your post is beautiful, sweet friend, and you are a ray of sunshine. What precious photos of you with little Caleb.

    I couldn't help but smile at the kindness and generosity of Ashleigh...she and her mom are are such lovely ladies and a blessing to all who know them. Enjoy your sweet gifts, dearest Kelly-Anne. And you mentioned your birthday....I know you have told me, but please refresh my memory: when is your birthday?

    Much love to you!

  2. Aww... what sweet pictures!
    You will love the Tales from Avonlea series - it's one of my all time favorites!!

  3. What a sweet post full of precious people!! How the Lord has blessed you and your family, Kelly-Anne. How good and gracious He is to us! I know that life is busy and full for you, but, I am so glad you are able to recognize the need to slow down and *smell the roses* as you so aptly put it. Yes....time flies and these moments are precious. May the Lord bless you all as you follow Him wherever He leads. With love, Camille

  4. Dearest Kelly-Anne,

    What a lovely post to read on this Saturday afternoon! How kind of Ashleigh to send you the first season of The Road to Avonlea (as it's called here in the States) will surely enjoy it! It's one of my favorites and I know you and your family will love it as well!

    The pictures of you and Caleb are priceless...I would have to frame some of them if I were you! Such sweet memories being made! And the girls are so cute as they are growing! I love getting to know your family through the posts on your blog.

    I love how you mentioned that it's a blessing to see the world through the eyes of fresh and new! I think, with all that is going on in the world, that is simply a must! We older people can sometimes see the world as a discouraging place with not much place for hope. But, oh, in the eyes of the youngsters, it is fresh, new, magical, full of hope and joy, and ready for opportunities and adventures to be sought. What a blessing that is!

    And, one other little note...I loved you said that you seek to embrace the beauty of being home. My friend, that statement touched my heart! I simply love that, and may have to use it at some point. These years of being at home and learning and growing are but for a moment. Before we know it, we will be the ones raising up the next generation. How we must use these years wisely and for good, for they pass all too soon.

    My, did I ramble on! But, I simply had to let you know that this post was absolutely beautiful! Thank you for those little nuggets of beautiful reminders to enjoy the blessings around us ♥

    Wishing you a lovely week!

    Lots of love,

    P.S.- I LOVE that you're getting ready for Christmas here on the blog....Carol of the Bells is a favorite of mine! on the lookout for some more happy mail coming your way soon. A package is going to be leaving my house for yours this week! {{smiles}}

  5. What sweet photos! I know I've said this before but your siblings' resemblance is striking (at first glance, I thought Beth was Nancy)! I concur about the delights of receiving happy mail. You'll love the Story Girl!

  6. Dearest Kelly-Anne,
    Your Caleb is pure delight! I love watching him grow up, my goodness he is handsome. :-)
    What a joy filled day you had and how thoughtful of Ashleigh to gift you with such a treasure. Happy Birthday to you.
    What a lovely family you are.

    The Lord bless you~~

  7. That is just wonderful to receive such a special package! All your sisters look happy; Sofia's haircut is adorable on her! I miss letter writing and getting one in return. I do appreciate email and all but like a book, there's something special about actual pages to read. Your mom took some great pictures of you and Caleb. He's growing so fast! Hope your day is blessed!

  8. Oh, dear Kelly-Anne, it's been a while since I've visited, but what a JOY to see precious Caleb and all of you girls. Your dear mom takes lovely photographs, and I love the color and black and white photos. All of you are so beautiful and have a bit of each other in your visages. How precious. And I see you've celebrated a birthday. Refresh my memory as well when it is. I love to see dear Caleb growing up, and soon he surely will be really keeping you all busy chasing after him. I too LOVED the amazing "Carol of the Bells" sung by the wonderful boys choir. Our older grandson used to sing in a choir and still occasionally sings. He now has a fabulous bass voice and did a solo in "The Messiah." What a joy to hear him. Sending hugs and love...and belated birthday wishes, precious friend! xoxo

  9. Oh, how precious indeed! You can just see how joyful and happy this dear boy is...and all of the rest of you, too!!! What a lovely day you had together, sweetened even more by the kindness and love of your friend and her package!! Oh, God is so good to us, isn't He? He proves it in so many, many ways! Sending you much love and many hugs today, sweet friend. :)

  10. What adorable pictures! I especially loved the black and white pictures of you holding dear Caleb, how precious they are! Darling Sofia's new haircut is adorable! I loved seeing all the lovely pictures of your sisters and you, they were all so wonderful! {{smiles}}

    The outing you had together, and the lovely mail you received all sounds so incredibly wonderful! {{smiles}}

  11. How lovely for you and your siblings to get to go to the park and spend sweet time together! What you said about becoming busy and not slowing down to enjoy time with the family can be so true for me...sometimes I just stop in amazement at how quickly the littles are growing up! I am wanting to stop and watch them more, play with them more, love on them more...because all too soon they will not be little anymore. <3
    Your baby brother is so cute! I love his big blue eyes and chubby cheeks! The photos your mom took of you and him are adorably precious!! I love baby feet as well. :) You and your sisters are all beautiful...yes, I love Sofia's haircut, it's so adorable. Such a sweet post!
    Have fun watching the Tales from Avonlea - we watched those a long time ago and enjoyed them! How sweet of your friend to send you a gift, letters and gifts in the mail always make my day!
    Happy early birthday Kelly Anne!! <3

  12. Such a delightful day in every way! Those pictures of Caleb and his angel feet, oh my goodness, I don't know how you stand his cuteness! He is growing up oh so fast! The pictures of you and your sisters are all so precious and beautiful. And to add more to your joy, the amazing gift from the sweet Ashleigh! Oh so wonderful, and I know you will really enjoy the Tales from Avonlea with your family. Truly always a blessing and joy to come and visit with you here and see how the blessings of the Lord are enriching your life! Many hugs to you my dear friend!

  13. Hello dear friend! What a joy to visit your blog today....I love to see and hear of the happenings in your peaceful home with all the sweet faces:) Caleb is just too darling for words! He put a smile on my face that lasted all day~ what an adorable boy...and growing up so quickly, too! All you girls look lovely and cheery....
    I am so happy that you liked your package, and hope you will indeed enjoy the world of Avonlea!
    Incidently, you will find that on the show a cup of tea is called uppon to cure many problems~ from a fall in an icy pond to a broken heart, it usually helps the Avonlea folks :) It's really cute...
    Have a lovely day, Kelly-Anne!
    Much love from Ashleigh

    PS Happy Thanksgiving! Isn't there so much in our daily lives to be grateful for? The Lord is so good!


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