Saturday, 15 October 2016


This week was a special one in our family as both Nancy and Sofia celebrating their birthdays...
Wednesday saw Sofia turning five years old and yesterday was Nancy's 17th birthday.

  Nancy actually had a few early birthday presents...{{smiles}}  A couple weeks ago I took her to see the new faith-based film, Ben-Hur, in the theatres, taking Dad along with us...  We all enjoyed it, especially as we so seldom go to the cinema...maybe once a year! 

Ben Hur (2016)

I also decided to surprise her with the sheet music for Just the Way You Are by The Piano Guys.  In case you have never heard this enchanting version of the song, enjoy by clicking here...

Nancy is the violinist and pianist in the family and has been playing in the Carpe Musicam orchestra for a year now.  They have a concert this Sunday afternoon which I hope to go to...  It is wonderful to see how she has grown as a musician and as an individual since performing with the orchestra.

^ Gabrielle and Nancy sharing a smile...

She still crochets here and there, her loveliest products (in my opinion, anyway) being her crocheted vintage earrings which have lately been added to the Etsy Shoppe...

^ Nancy and Beth on Nancy's 16th birthday last year...

Although we are sisters and there are just under three years between the two of us, we could not be more different...she is a true dreamer and creative soul...we love each other, though and get on pretty well...especially as we share a love for music, creativity and femininity.

 ^ Nancy and baby brother, Caleb Courage...

Sofia is our littlest sister and a darling one too... 

Sofia reminds me of myself at that age...stubborn, talkative and absolutely too adorable for words, if I do say so myself {{winks}}.
And just like me when I was small, she has an undying passion for horses...I decided to give her a voucher for a ride on a miniature horse in the next few stay tuned for pictures!

As the two have birthdays so close together, we decided to do a joint celebration yesterday...
While Nancy and Mom enjoyed a coffee date and shopping trip on Friday afternoon, Sofia helped me bake chocolate brownies which we had with vanilla ice cream after supper....recipe coming soon!  {{smiles}}
And as goes our birthday tradition, we made gourmet pizzas for supper and whilst watching Josh Groban's was a simply wonderful way to spend a special evening...

^ Sofia and her Daddy...

^ Kisses for Baby Caleb...

How blessed we are to have both Sofia and Nancy is our lives...both are unique and special in their own way and life is the sweeter with them around...  Sure, we have our sisterly troubles from time to time, but we are thankful to share a close bond with one another which can only grow greater as the years go by...

Do join me in wishing these lovely ladies for their birthdays...

Which of my readers celebrate their birthdays in the delightful month of October?


  1. Happy birthday to Nancy and Sofia!! :) It's so special when siblings celebrate birthdays. :) Yay for celebrations!

    You have such a beautiful family, Kelly-Anne... how is it possible for people to be so gorgeous?!

    Many blessings on you and your family today. May the Lord be with you! Hugs xx

  2. I can't tell you what joy it brings me to read each post you write, dear Kelly-Anne - the love of the Lord is just written deep between the lines, along with your love for one another. You are blessed to have such a beautiful and caring family.... you are right, there are always struggles, and conflicts, such is life... but we can look to the bonds that bind us, and those are the bonds that we celebrate and love. May the Lord bless your dear sweet family and you too, many hugs sent your way today! :)

  3. A truly Happy Birthday I wish to dear Nancy and Sofia! What lovely photos you shared, I know you all had a wonderful time! May God bless the two of them this year and all their years to come! :D

  4. Two lovely girls ~ I hope they both have a wonderful year. Your words and photos speak volumes...the last picture is so cute!

  5. Happy Birthday to Nancy and Sofia! Now I have a hankering for brownies with ice cream...

  6. Happy birthday to both Sofia and Nancy! :) How fun it is to have two birthdays in the same week! It sounds like you all had a delightful time celebrating. :) Your sisters are beautiful. Loved reading about the special birthday girls and seeing the photos!

  7. Such beautiful photos. Happy birthday to the lovely ladies!
    I am waiting for Ben Hur to come out in Australia - next month I think.
    Blessings to you all.

  8. Happy Birthday to you dear little ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With love,

  9. Happy, happy birthday to both of your sweet, lovely sisters! I hope God blesses them with many more!!! Thank you for sharing with us here, and have a wonderful Lord's Day, sweet Kelly-Anne. :)

  10. A very happy birthday to Nancy and Sofia! Sounds like a wonderful celebration of beautiful young ladies.

  11. Happy Birthday to your sweet sisters !

  12. What a sweet post to honor both of your sisters! Happy Birthday to them both!
    Enjoy your week, Kelly-Anne!
    Hugs, Amy


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