Sunday, 28 August 2016

Treasures this week....❤

What a delightful week passed us by...
Productive, pleasant and peaceful...days that were happily filled with both work and leisure!  {{smiles}}

 "Have regular hours for both work and play; 
make each day both useful and pleasant, 
and prove that you understand the worth of time by employing it well. 
 Then youth will be delightful, old age will bring few regrets, 
and life will become a beautiful success." 
 ~ Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

I decided to compile all the little ''treasures'' I discovered this week and share them with you, dear readers...

I enjoyed a lovely little baking sesson one warm afternoon this week...these darling and oh~so~delicious custard tarts were the result...recipe coming soon...❤

Nancy and I spent a very pleasant afternoon sewing together on Tuesday...
We created a pretty summer outfit for Sofia with sweet pink fabric we had on hand...
Nancy made the peasant blouse and headband whilst I worked on the tiered skirt.

Whilst I am not a big fan of board games, I enjoyed an evening of Trivial Pursuit...or rather our attempt at it...with my mom, dad and sister, Nancy.  
Oh, how we laughed at the questions and most especially at our answers...  
We are hoping to make a board game evening a weekly occurance...

I discovered how dearly I love old hymns...and how few I know by heart...
This week I have been humming, singing and pondering 
the richness of hymns and the words penned by men and women who truly tasted hardship yet chose to praise and give thanks to the LORD in the midst of pain, sorrow and loss...

This is one of my favourite hymns...❤

"Be still, my soul: the Lord is on thy side.
Bear patiently the cross of grief and pain;
leave to thy God to order and provide;
in every change He faithful will remain.
Be still, my soul: thy best, thy heavenly friend
through thorny ways leads to a joyful end."
 ~ Katharina Amalia Dorothea von Schlegel

This week I resumed my delightful to whistle for the dogs, pull on my boots and meander through the fields and gravel road surrounding the farm.  
I don't think I could ever tire of this route for although the beauty is sparse and rugged, there is a deep joy to be found in spotting tiny flowers amidst brown grass or withered leaves...  
A drier winter means less greenery, but there is still a great deal to enjoy when on a country walk.

How quickly potatoes grow after beautiful, refreshing rain!  
Nancy and I were just about to set off on a walk on Sunday afternoon when a strong wind came up, bringing with it wonderful rain!  
Oh, how we have needed water...the LORD always provides in time...
My potato patch soaked up the life-giving water and a couple days of sunshine combined with clean water means I have another vigorous afternoon of hoeing before me!  {{smiles}}

Aww, baby smiles never cease to bring delight!  
Little Caleb is such a darling baby boy...he has now begun wearing more boyish outfits seeing as he outgrew his baby clothes in less than four months!
He is perfectly precious in his wee tracksuits and dungarees!
Lately I have been very challenged to spend more time in prayer and in the reading of the Word...
I am purposing to ''not look into the face of man before looking into the face of GOD" each day and oh!  My time of quiet before the LORD has been blessed and wonderful...
He has given me a renewed desire to serve Him and seek a deeper, richer relationship with Him!

 Flowers gracing a vintage planter...

I am dreaming of Spring days...  
Springtime weather is most certainly just around the corner...winter is making her way to the Northern Hemisphere and warmer days are swiftly approaching!
I must take pen to paper and begin planning all that I hope to sow this season...{{Smiles}}

We have been planning a wonderful occasion for all the sweet young ladies we know...
A Springtime tea is coming up soon and oh!  
I am so looking forward to sharing the delights with you...
At the moment we are crafting and sending out invitations... 
As the tea is for girls ages 9 and up, both Beth and Gabrielle will be attending..  
You can just imagine their delight!  {{smiles}}

I have also been sewing for Heart❤made as and when I have time...
I hope to share what I have been making very soon...

...And thus another blissful, busy week draws to a close...

What brought you joy this week, sweet readers?


  1. Hello, dear friend!!

    This was a truly delightful post ♥ Oh, how I, too, love that hymn you shared! One of my favorites! And that quote from "Little Women" is just lovely....I am hoping to read that book sometime's been on my to-read list for awhile now.

    It looks like you had a wonderful week, my friend! And how I enjoyed seeing all your pictures and reading about all your recent happenings...I must say that I am looking forward to that recipe. Those tarts look delectable! {{smileS}}

    I will be responding to your email this evening...know that I am thinking of you! May your upcoming week be just as lovely and productive and blessed as the last!

    With ever so much love and joy!

  2. Oooh, are those Portuguese Custard tarts?!? My favourite board game is Scrabble.

    Yesterday, I had brunch with friends that I've known for over 20 years! They brought their littles ones: one has a sweet 6-month-old daughter, and the other a cute 2.5-year-old boy!

  3. Hello dear Kelly-Anne! What a lovely post.:) I enjoyed it a lot. My baby sister was born just recently, she turned a week on Friday, oh how much we are enjoying her! She is such a precious bundle of joy!

    Caleb is getting so big! Time passes way too fast!

    Have fun hoeing the potato's!:) We didn't have a garden this year and I miss it! I hope to LORD willing have one next year.

    The days have been so hot here lately, but I know that cooler days are coming, probably before long. Fall is my favorite season, so I'm really looking forward to that.:) Oh, I can't wait for Fall days!!!!:)

    Sorry that this sort of turned out really long.:/ Have a wonderful evening!

  4. Hi Kelly Anne, great post, I love to hear what you have been doing ~ quite a variety of occupations by the look of it!
    Caleb is looking so much more of a little BOY!
    The custard tartlets look divine and the outfit you sewed with Nancy is just lovely.
    Happy week to you, sweetie.

  5. Hello friend,

    Seems like your days filled with joy. I love your quality time with our Savior. And your bake looks inviting too would mind to share the recipe here ;) I didn't know that you like to sewing as well. I love crafting and sewing too.
    I love to come see your blog and bless my heart. I followed your pinterest my friend :)

    1. Oh, is a true joy to ''know'' you! Thank you for so kindly stopping by...I do look forward to blogging with you in the future!
      Oh and I have just shared the delicious recipe for the custard enjoy!
      So glad to hear we share a love for sewing...

  6. I so enjoyed this post, Kelly-Anne. Thank you for sharing your heart and giving us a peek into your day-to-day life. What a full and productive week you have had! And, you are right...the seasons are making a switch here in the North...leaves are already turning and falling!! It has come upon us so quickly this year. :) I love it that you are seeking to have rich times with the is a precious thing to rest our hearts in Him and learn from Him day by day. How good and gracious He is! Happy Monday to you! With Love, Camille

  7. What a precious post! I loved reading about the ways God is working in your life, sweet friend! I am SO thankful to know you are enjoying a deeper walk with Him. There is nothing on earth as precious as communion with the God of Heaven. I loved your quote about not looking in the face of man before you look into the face of God. I don't know that I had ever heard that, but it is a practice I deeply crave and try to adhere to. Oh, my, when I don't get that time with Him, I feel it the entire livelong day! God bless you for sharing your heart with us here, dear Kelly-Anne!

  8. What a lovely post, dear friend! It looks and sounds like you have been having a delightful time! I just enjoyed making a carrot cake today with my dear mother, it is for my father's birthday tomorrow! I hope it turns out delicious! {{smiles}}

    1. Sweet friend, it is always a delight to hear from you! Thank you for your friendship, Olivia!
      I hope your father had a wonderful sweet that you baked him a carrot favourite!
      Muvh love to you!

  9. "Productive, pleasant, and peaceful"...oh, how I wish that could describe my every day!
    I'm so glad to hear that you had a blessed week...those baked treats look so scrumptious!

    Many blessings,

    1. Ah, me too, Ashley! Some days just don't seem too ''productive'', do they? But I know that the LORD is teaching us something in everything...even on the quiet, ''unproductive'' days!
      Thank you for so kindly stopping by, friend!
      Have a wonderful end-of-August!

  10. Oh what a delight this post was to read! It is wonderful how precious days all meld together to create beautiful moments, and how you have shared them so beautifully, dear Kelly-Anne! I could hear the grass crunching beneath your feet, and the shrill whistle for the dogs to follow, and the joy of walking in the beauty of the area you live in, indeed you can find so much joy where ever you are! I joyed in each precious picture you shared! My heart longs, as yours does... for more of the precious Lord's face in my life, every moment of every day, that He would be all sufficient for me. Our Lord is able to fill and supply every need we have, and as we look into His face, such beautiful lessons we learn from Him. His beauty is shining out from you, dear Kelly-Anne! It is a joy to behold! With much love and hugs to you across the miles! :)

  11. Hi friend, Lovely to catch up with you. As you know, we moved about 4 weeks ago and spent the 4 weeks prior to that readying our last home to put on the real estate market. I don't know if you read/viewed the posts on our new home.
    Baby Caleb is growing fast. So happy you and Nancy are enjoying sewing, and the tart recipe is much appreciated.
    We are entering Autumn weather here and I am looking forward to it!
    Enjoy the weekend.


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