Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Sewing for Sweet Little Girls....

The house fairly quiet, unusually so in fact...
The pins were scattered across the table and the fabric laid out...
Patterns were traced; the scissors fearlessly cut through the pretty 
printed material before the sewing machine began humming steadily...

Today my sister, Nancy, and I spent a pleasant afternoon sewing together 
which was a rare occurance indeed given our opposite personalities....{{smiles}}

Nancy worked with beautiful dark pink summer cotton to 
make a simple peasant top whilst I used a printed cotton and a 
light pink cotton for a girl's tiered skirt...
The two of us confered with one another as to the style and 
choice of fabric before we began our seperate afternoon's tasks...

The little girl we were sewing for just happened
to be our littlest sister, Miss Sofia.
Now, sweet Miss Sofia is in dire need of pretty clothes...
She is a true farmgirl and doesn't like to keep her clothes neat 
and clean when playing outside with her sisters...
Thus, we decided to sew something feminine for her that 
would be reserved for special occasions or when going to town...

The two of us were busy as bees and when little Sofia awoke from her nap, 
she was required to have us fit the garments before we continued with our sewing...
In between the evening milking, cleaning and supper preparation, 
we completed both items and did the final fitting just as Sofia made her way to bed...
Now she has a gorgeous summery outfit 
which is many things indeed...feminine, modest, comfortable 
and just right for an adorable four year old such as Sofia.

^A precious almost-five-year-old little lady...Sofia

I added ribbons to the two sides of the skirt so as to make hanging
up in the wardrobe simpler...and, but of course (!), 
I hung her new outfit on one of heartmade's covered hangers...{{smiles}}


Look at the little darling in her peasant blouse, beautifully handmade by Nancy...
She even made her a sweet matching hairband and 
added a bow to the blouse, made from the same fabric as the tiers of the skirt.

^Sofia in her new pink outfit, complete with a happy smile!  

^Aww...isn't she a precious little thing?


I have not written much about Sofia of late...but just like Caleb, she too is reaching milestones every day and growing so beautifully indeed...
She has a truly kind heart and is very affectionate towards her family.
She gives the most wonderful hugs and sloppy kisses...


Sofia loves to play but enjoys working as well...and not just 
doing her chores...  I am constantly amazed at how diligently she goes about 
her school work and how focused she is when learning a new concept.  

^ The young gent with his adoring older sister...

She loves Caleb so much...before he was born, she was 
convinced that she didn't want a brother, but as soon as she 
laid eyes upon the little lad, her heart melted...she and Caleb are 
dear friends and could perhaps be a handful as he becomes a bit more mobile...

Ah, and so ends a most delightful sewing project indeed! 
Both Nancy and I agreed that the afternoon was very well spent 
 and we were quite surprised at how quickly 
we finished sewing, considering we had only one sewing machine 
between the two of us and more than a couple of interruptions... 
We have come to the conclusion that we need to be intentional 
about that which we wish to do...  
Each week we hope to make something along the clothing 
lines as we love dressing our sisters in beautiful, girly outfits...  

I don't know about you, but I am always shocked at not 
only the price of clothing in the stores, but also how little there is to be found 
that is feminine and modest...
Young girls today are dressed in modern, skin tight clothes from a very 
early age that does not encourage them to be young ladies or feminine in the least...

My sisters have time to be rough and get all dirty...they shouldn't need to fret about clothes.
And as Julie Andrews so eloquently said in the film The Sound of Music...  
"Excuse me, Captain, but when do they play?"  {{smiles}}

Many days I am shocked by the little girls' appearances...
Not only do they constantly tear and muddy their clothes, 
but they also get their hair dirty and messy, and their faces 
are positively brown by the end of a day's play!
Ah, but they are happy and that is what truly matters...
My mom always maintains that one can see how well a
child has played by how dirty they are at the end of a day!

Hopefully this is the first of many sewing projects for the little girls in our family...
Have a wonderfully creative day, sweet readers...

 "Unaffected modesty is the sweetest charm of female excellence, the richest gem in the diadem of her honor." 

~ Webster's 1828 Dictionary

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  1. How sweet that you and your sister worked together on a top and skirt for your sister. I love that. And little Sofia is a doll in her new clothes.
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Dearest friend, this post warmed my heart and brought a sweet smile to my face. What a joy to spend such wonderful time with your sister and I must say the outfit is darling! And speaking of darling...little Sofia is just precious! Oh, that smile! :)

    How you bless my so, dear friend. Thank you for letting your beautiful self shine in this blogging community. Your posts always bring joy to my heart and your comments are a gift in themselves.

    Much love to you!

  3. Oooh, sweet friend! I was anticipating this post coming out after you mentioned it in your email. It was just as lovely as I expected ♥ Both you and Nancy did a phenomenal job on Miss Sofia's outfit! I love the color and style fabric you chose and the style of that top and skirt are just beautiful! I've always wanted a tiered skirt...that may be something I try sometime. And that top is so feminine and sweet! I love it all! {{smiles}}

    Great job to you both! And Sofia is growing up, too! She is such a cute little girl! I hope you are doing well, my friend! This was just the most wonderful post to find this Wednesday morning!

    With love and hugs,

  4. Oh what a delightful post dear Kelly-Anne! I can just imagine how you and your sister had to work together with just one sewing machine to create such a delightful outfit for sweet Sophie! She looked sooo cute all dressed up, with the sweetest smile! Making little girl clothing is so much fun! And I loved the special touches like the ribbon on the skirt for hanging it up and the sweet bow and hairpiece too! I agree that it is so very difficult to find modest clothing, and making one's one clothes is a great way to deal with that issue. You and your sister must be such a blessing to your dear mother and family! Hugs to you today dear Kelly-Anne, what a precious joy you are to all of us who are blessed to know you in "blogland" :)

  5. What a cute outfit! You and Nancy did a wonderful job. I've always been a fan of peasant blouses and have quite a number in own wardrobe.

  6. Little Sophia is just a little doll! The outfit that you and Nancy made is just darling and looks so cute on Sophia. Several years ago, I made tiered skirts for two of my granddaughters and they loved them.
    I looked at your previous post to see the dear, sweet pictures of your growing brother, Caleb! I can't believe that he's four months old already. Kiss and hug him as much as you can. Love and blessings to you, Kelly-Anne.

  7. apologies...I just realized that I spelled Sofia's name wrong!

  8. {My apologies...I somehow managed to publish this same post twice! So...I just copied and pasted the following 3 comments over from the second post...}

    Shoregirl said...

    Aww...what a sweet outfit and cute little sister to model it! Sounds like a fun and profitable afternoon!
    24 August 2016 at 10:49

    Bonnie Smithies said...

    This is so sweet! :) I love her outfit. It's truly gorgeous.
    24 August 2016 at 11:51

    Paige said...

    What fun project you and Nancy put together! Sofia looks so sweet in her new outfit. I'm glad she and Caleb get along so well. :)
    24 August 2016 at 12:38

    Thank you ladies for your sweet words!

  9. How adorable Sofia's outfit is! You and Nancy did a wonderful job! Sofia is just precious. Love the picture of her and Caleb together!
    You are so right about the clothes out there...not only for little girls (what are their mother's thinking?), but for older as well. I'm so glad I can sew! Ha! I'm smiling about your mom's siblings and I were often quite dirty at the end of the day but oh, the fun we had! Most children nowadays stay inside and play on the computer. I think outdoors is way better! :-)
    Have a wonderful rest of the week, Kelly-Anne!

  10. Oh, how beautiful! This is just so precious...and that dear little Sofia is just adorable! You can just see how sweet she is by the expressions on her little face! Dear Kelly-Anne! I cannot thank you enough for your stand for modesty! You are such a dear gem, and if only other girls your age could see the value and true beauty of dressing the way God intends us to! Your light for Jesus shines so brightly. May you never change, sweet friend!

  11. I love the outfit you made for Sofia. Sofia and Caleb are beautiful children. God Bless Sofia and Caleb.

  12. This was the most adorable post! The outfit you two made is just splendid! Even I, being much older than Sophia would love to wear that outfit! Ha-ha-ha! Perhaps I am a bit too childish? {{smiles}} I love how all the fabrics you used coordinate so well together! You and Nancy are very good seamstresses!


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