Monday, 4 July 2016

Beautiful, Everyday Blessings

Sometimes I forget just how beautiful my life is; how extraordinarily blessed I am to be a part of a loving family, to be at home doing that which I love and enjoying the delights of a simple life in the country...

Today was not a particularly wonderful or special day in any fact, it may have been rendered fairly usual...
However...the Lord opened my eyes to the incredible beauty surrounding me and filled my heart with joy - a joy that has eluded me of late as I have allowed my thankful heart to wander somewhat.....

I just had to share some of the beautiful aspects of this blessed day...

 ^ Allysum growing in our flower garden...aren't they so pretty and dainty?

I enjoyed a lovely walk along the gravel roads this afternoon...after two weeks of being without fresh air and exercise due to yet another cold, it was simply delightful being able to venture into the great outdoors again and watch my dogs sniff and run about as they soaked up the wintry sunshine!

The new Shining Stars magazine arrived in my mailbox yesterday morning {{happy sigh}}, so I have been sipping tea {compliments of my sweet friend in Florida} and reading each beautiful article...  My heart has been greatly challenged and inspired once again through this beautiful magazine.

 ^ Caleb Courage at two months...

 Cuddles with my precious baby brother...Caleb is growing so quickly, it is quite remarkable to behold!  Each day I sing praises to the Lord for the wonderful gift of a little brother - often it feels as if he has been here all along...{{smiles}}

^ Two beautiful reindeer made last week for a shop...:)

My fabrics are strewn across my room as I write...  I am currently planning and cutting out the different items I hope to make this week...  God has graciously given me another good order and I am excited to fill it this coming week...


Our hens, who have not laid an egg between them in months, produced a beautiful brown egg for us this is that for a blessing?  Of course we are all delighted...perhaps we will have a new batch of chicks this Spring afterall...?
^ Rocket and Kale growing in my garden...

The aroma of simmering soup...  Ah, winter is the perfect time for making big pots of nutritious soup and I have had a great time in the kitchen lately...  Oh and did I mention I used leeks grown right in my garden as well as homegrown kale in today's homemade chicken soup...?  
Oh, the simple pleasures in life!


Receiving packages of love from friends across the ocean never ceases to brighten my day!  
My dear friend, Sarah, graced me with a sweet parcel containing a lovely handwritten letter, a little bag filled with various delicious teas {{hmmm}}, as well as an adorable outfit and soft toys for Caleb! 
And Sarah didn't forget my sisters either...candy was included for them!  
I was so touched that someone whom I have never had the privilege of meeting {yet} would be so kind and thoughtful as to send me a love-filled box of goodies!  The Lord is so good, isn't He?  
I am grateful for each precious friend He has brought along my path...

And now, as the day draws to a close I intend to ponder each beautiful blessing from the Lord as I go about my evening duties...I hope to bask in the glory of my Lord and King and bring joy to His heart by keeping a thankful heart...

What small blessings have you been praising the Lord for lately, dear friends...?

With love in Christ,

P.S.  Do any of you know of someone who would be willing to design this, my new blog?  I am afraid my computer skills are sadly lacking when it comes to design...  I am looking for a simple yet chic blog design that would suit the country nature of this blog?  If you have any ideas, I would be delighted to have you email me at


  1. Hi Kelly-Anne! Let me be who seems to be the first to congratulate you on one this new and oh-so-lovely blog! You have already designed it don't need anyone to improve it! I love the softness and femininity of it! The b&w photo of the hands holding the egg is just stunning...and of course Mr. Caleb is soooo very precious! Looking forward to seeing future posts so of course, I'm following! Hugs to you! ♥♥♥

  2. My dear friend, how happy I am for you and this lovely new endeavor! Your new home online looks just wonderful and I love what you're making it will be a joy and pleasure to follow along. I wish you the absolute best as you begin this new chapter in your journey of writing!

    I cannot wait read more here in the future and look forward to many, many sweet visits here with you!!

    With much love and warm wishes,

  3. What a lovely new blog you have! God bless you, sweet Kelly-Anne! I feel so bad that I still have not had time to write back and answer your email. PLEASE forgive me. My load is heavy right now, and it seems I have such little time to be online. I haven't forgotten you, and one day, Lord willing, I will try to write. In the meantime, I am sending you much love and many hugs1

  4. Hi Kelly-Anne I love your sweet blog my dear. It is so nice to meet you.

  5. Golden words , yours ! Beautiful post that is a precious break for me in my life at home.
    Everyday joyful semplicities are the light of my world with my family.
    A big hug,

  6. Hello Kelly-Anne! I was so pleased to find that you had updated! :) I was just sitting here holding a puppy we are taking care of and wanted something to read while doing it, and this kept me busy a few minutes.:)

  7. Kelly-Anne,
    I am so glad I saw your post directing your readers to your new blog, your beautiful new space here! What an absolutely delightful blog you have for your new venture in writing and blogging♥ I am so glad I saw that post on your old blog because I would never want to lose the Christ-like friendship I have been blessed with in knowing and meeting you through your blog.

    What a true encouragement and blessing it was to read your ponderings and your blessings and observations of the joys around you as I sit here this morning. Seeing your sweet, sweet baby brother wide-eyed and so precious and growing, to seeing your lovely garden and fresh egg laid, and hearing your sewing plans and more. What a delight to take in the joys the Lord has given us! It is refreshing to have this mindset and thank you for inspiring me to have it and to live thankfully.

    Hoping you are having a wonderful day!!
    I can't wait to read more of your blog and follow you here :)

    Love and blessings to you!

  8. Hi Kelly-Anne!

    Your new blog looks wonderful! I look forward to following this new blog and seeing more cute photos of your siblings!

  9. Kelly-Anne,

    Your new blog is beautiful! I love the name, I too am a country girl. : ) What a blessing it is to receive orders and be able to work from home. Your little brother is growing so fast. He is just precious!!


  10. Lovely new blog, my friend! What beautiful simple pleasures you have been enjoying. It's good that you stopped to think about all the things the Lord has blessed you with...I need to remember to that more often. :)

  11. Lovely new blog. I had barely joined you one the other. But glad to find you here. Your sweet brother is adorable. As well as your new toys that you made they look lovely. And yes God is wonderful indeed. I just purchased a old The new testament online from a new friend but its only The Psalms.. But it is fine. Says it is from New York Bible Society. Instituted in 1816; have a lovely evening my dear going to look around blessings with love Janice

  12. Dearest Kelly-Anne, your new blog is not only beautiful, but it's ever so sweet and charming...just like you :)

    I am tickled pink to be following you along here and it's with great joy that I look forward to your posts and thoughts.

    Bless you, dear friend, for you have and will continue to bless many with your kind ways and love for the Lord.

    Swete hugs to you, my friend!

  13. What a wonderful little spot you have created here, I absolutely love the floral and lace design you have, and it just suits you to a "T"! Your pictures are outstanding, especially the B/W photo of the egg - lovely! We are in the thick of heat here, and my garden is producing a lot of kale and lettuce right now, so wonderful to munch on! Sounds like you are very busy right now with all the extra sewing you are doing, and of course lots of kisses and love for Caleb too, but glad you found time for a walk :) Many hugs to you today, my dear friend!

  14. Wow, that kale looks so full! My dad and I used to grow kale, but this year it's just basil and hot peppers. :)

    If you are looking for a designer, Suzy from Lookin' Good Blogs ( ) is amazing! She designed one of my blogs, Colorful Ideas, (you can see: ) and Megan from My Pocketful of Posies blog(here: ) I know those are WordPress blogs, but she also does Blogger.

    Have a wonderful day!


  15. congratulations Kelley-Anne on such a lovely spot :o) This is truly a place where I can see you sharing the blessings Our Lord has bestowed upon you and your beautiful family...your baby brother is growing so much already! many hugs to you sweet friend :o) mari

  16. Loving your new blog. - This post was just delightful. I really enjoy when people are happy and share the "blessings" in their lives. Sometimes we often take for granted the "little" things and it's nice to see that you appreciate life so much. Your little brother is so adorable. I just feel the love you have for him through your words and photos. Glad to see you added the follow by e-mail feature. Hugs


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